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So here is the conclusion of Donna's and Roy's romance in the Titans. It's about 20 pages from Issue 9-25 not all of the issues but about 7 of them.

Alright last time we left off with Roy and Donna going on a date that was interrupted by Red Panzer, and then Kyle.

Sooo, after that date in Issue 9...

Hah Speedy... Anyway Roy and Chanda talk about Cheshire some and this next has nothing to do with anything but it still made me laugh.

The next few issues the Titans go off with Deathstroke, and Cheshire is shot they take her to the hospital blah blah blah.

Next we find them in Issue 13

After Kory everyone starts coming in the room to talk to Donna and she's all like gtfo but they all get together later...

And then they show Dick and Jesse and Vic and Garth and I guess future Wally all off on their own looking sad. Aw :(

Anyway in issue 14...

That's why you knock Garth...

So In Issue 15 the Fab Five all go camping because Donna thinks they all need to get their shit together.

They find Gargoyle and in Issue 16 are all put in a type of limbo as they're younger selves

Roy gets them out by punching Dick in the face, not even kidding. But anyway, they go back home, Donna, Argent, Garth, and Vic all go with Kory to Tamaran. Kory didn't want Dick or Roy to go though and Grant couldn't go. So Roy takes Grant camping and it's really sad and sweet and I wanted to post it so I might later but I ended up not. But anyway I didn't put any of that stuff in here. But I'm just letting you know that happens.

Then more Cheshire issues in issue 21

So someone is trying to stop Cheshire from testifying in court (Chanda) and Roy goes to talk to Chesh. But who shows up? Slade does. So they fight... Jesse shows up and basically Roy just gets his ass kicked

and In Issue 22...

And Donna goes to talk to Roy but GASP he doesn't remember who she is. Then blah blah blah Dark Angel crap. They meet their future earth-22 Kingdom Come children la la la. Then Dick and Roy throw a surprise Party for Donna and it's fun.

But Donna decides she should still break up with Roy in Issue 25

Aww And there you have it. That's Roy's and Donna's Romance from the first Titans Run. I love these guys when they're like this...

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Date: 2010-04-06 05:27 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] cuntfucius
Oh, I TOTALLY agree with you. Donna's not the best in relationships. The good thing is, she DOES seem to learn, and she's able to let go of her pride and admit when she's been making an ass out of herself. With Terry, I think she tried too hard to be an idealized version of herself for him. She put a lot of pressure on him, I think, because her temper was easy to arouse and she tried to juggle so much that instead of giving strong, focused energy on certain subjects, she was half-assing everything around her (her missions, then her ability to be reliable to Terry, being a wife and a mother, at least by her standards!) in a very stressed out manner. With Kyle, I think there was the issue of the overinvolved male point of view; we constantly got his DEEP ARTISTIC INTROSPECTION OMG but never got into her head. She had one jealous blow up and that temper came up to haunt her again, but she seemed WAY better the second time around after they made up from their fight. Then uh, Bryne.

With Roy, yeah ... she really loves him but it seems like a girl who doesn't know who she is can't really know who she is in a relationship, either, or what she needs. She wanted Roy's attention, but didn't really know why. She was jealous of Cheshire and felt awkward, yet didn't even see her and Roy as a long term thing. In fact, she had the same lack of faith in Kyle the first time they had their relationship, too.

Basically yeah, she's not that good. And maybe it has to do with the fact that all three of the guys she's been with have been dolts (Kyle has been a consistent liar in all of his relationships, Roy is ... Roy, and Terry had the tendency to need to be babied and was incredibly insecure). The relationships all deserved better writing, but Donna doesn't really attract "better writing" >_> so oh well, let's just try to never get her involved with anyone ever again.

Date: 2010-04-06 07:20 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] cuntfucius
I think it's less of the emotional wounds she's into and more of the "man children that need to be mommied" -- roy, kyle and terry all had responsibility issues and reliability issues when she got with them, and she had to prod them to be better men. It worked for Kyle, and i do think Roy changed HIMSELF, but Terry just kind of slipped downward into bad oocness since they mandated that terry/donna had to break up...


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