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Cobra Commander is not Megatron's best friend

So there was this one time G.I. Joe and Transformers crossed over. THIS. IS. THAT. TIME.

Unfortunately, this is after the book had started to get pretty silly and random, and gotten some nasty 90s art. Just check out this context.

I love how, though the dialogue would suggest that the urbane, sophisticated pair of Destro and Baroness are quietly taking out the guards, the art gives them generic 90s spittle-rage. But anyway, holding the levers halfway voids the warranty, so...

Now that is seriously random. It's almost more like a joke than a basis for a crossover. So Megatron shows up... made out of Play-Doh... with some bent, colored paperclips sticking out of him... ?

Naturally, they form an alliance of convenience which leads to lots of back-biting and general evil. The most memorable part?

Ummm... yeah... (Does he have a robot codpiece?)

char: cobra commander, creator: larry hama, publisher: marvel comics, char: megatron, title: g.i. joe

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