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Joe Kelly's run on the JLA after Morrison's and Waid's runs on the title was the last great run on it, but it was extremely divisive amongst fans. Kelly introduced new characters, one which was a pretty blatant Mary Sue, had these really huge ideas that didn't necessarily appeal to everyone and did try some rather unorthodoxic approach to some of the characters. Still, I'm a huge fan of his run as it did have that League of Gods feel to it and just had the Big 7 be the utter badasses they so much are. I'm actually tempted to post the Wally scene from his last arc where we see Wally really show what being the Flash is all about.

One of the core storylines throughout Kelly's run was a growing romantic attraction between Batman and Wonder Woman and Kelly used the last issue of his run to resolve that storyline in a rather classy manner, at least in my opinion, as it does end that storyline in a way that returns it to the traditional status quo, but still leaves the door open if someone would wish to continue on it, such as Rucka, who was a rather big shipper for Bruce/Diana, at least based on his stories. Personally, I am fond of the pairing, as I find the dynamics in the relationship interesting and that the two personalities kind of suit each other, but I do understand that there are those who strongly disagree with me about the matter. I also do agree with Gail Simone 's comment, where she pointed out that with the other big DC character's there isn't so much discussion with who they should romatic involved with and as such, Diana shouldn't be defined by that either.

Still, as a fan of the pairing, this issue, JLA 90, is one which I think of with warmth and have been wanting to post a few scenes of for a while now. When a short time ago someone posted a few of the other scenes of the interaction between the two from Kelly's run, I decided to finally post these pages. The gist of the issue was that Bruce and Diana realized that they had finally reached the point where they needed to decide whetever or not to try it out as a pair or continue as friends, so both try to figure it out on their own. Diana seeks out J'Onn, who has a machine, that allows the user to see possible future consequences of their actions, but doesn't show the future as such. I will only offer one word to explain it. Science. So with Diana hooked up to the machine, she sees in her dreams moments of possible futures shared with Bruce. These are some of those scenes, I couldn't post all of them due to the posting limits, but these are the ones I liked the most.

This is actually my favorite of the possible futures and it's the one I always recall first when I think of this issue. There's this tenderness in that scene and in just two pages I thought Kelly was able to say so much about the relationship those two had had before that moment. Also, this feels Bruce and Diana, that their relationship didn't change who they were at the core of them. This is actually a big point in consideration of the later scenes, but even here it just makes it all that sweeter to me. Finally, it is worth noting that Bruce is facing death in the terms of Diana's culture, that his final action is to behave as someone beloging to that world instead of the one in the Gotham. There was some disagreement of this the last time this scene was posted, but in my view it's a very large thing. In short, I just love this scene.

Okay, this scene is a source of somewhat disagreement. Some have argued that it is implied that Diana is Batwoman there, abandoning Wonder Woman identity, but I don't think so, mainly because of the term mother. There is no way in hell Bruce is referencing someone else as mother, which means that unless they changed the timestream in this future and thus made Batman not exist, it's not Diana, but rather her children. Still, this is an extremely bleak future. First consider the daughter, she is wielding Diana's weapons, probably has at least a portion of her powers, has been trained by both Diana and Batman, yet she is shown acting in an extreme manner and seems to be barely containing her rage. That is basically a ticking time bomb there, yet her brother doesn't really seem to mind her actions, and doesn't see their mother having problems with what just happened. In short, this is a future where Batman's world changed Diana and even worse, made her children this.

The next flashes I will have to skip, although they were somewhat amusing. We see Diana interacting in Bruce's regular world by having dinner with some rather crude rich people and Bruce sit through a meal with the Olympian Gods, where Hermes tries to trick Bruce in to a lot of trouble. They were neat scenes, but didn't touch on that Bruce is hiding who he is from those around him, but Diana isn't. Still, limited space. After that, we see a rather perplexing scene with Diana leading an armored Bruce and the Amazons in full war gear against demons of the Underworld. It doesn't really add much, but I guess it is supposed to balance in a way against the types of enemies the two have, as we in the flash cut to a certain grinning man.

Again, this is a really dark scene and not just because Diana kills the Joker here. In the comments in one of the previous scenes mentioned of the above, someone wished for this scene to posted as people would cheer when Diana takes out Joker. I don't agree with that, because the Joker won in the above scene. There is nothing to cheer, nothing to feel good about, it's probably the bleakest of the futures. The thing with the Joker is that it's all about Batman to him, breaking him, which is why I'm still really perplexed about the Bird of Prey storyline where the Joker just decides to take over the crime scene of some random city, as to the Joker Gotham is as important as it is to Batman as the battle between them is in a way battle over the soul of Gotham. Yeah, I've watched The Dark Knight one too many times. Anyhow, look at what the Joker accomplished in the scene above. He killed Batman in a brutal way, basically torturing him to death. After doing that, with Batman dying, Joker drives the woman who Batman loves to kill the Joker, so that Batman's final moments are final with regrets and sorrow. That's a brutal thing to do and to add to the injury, the last lines imply that he broke Diana as well. This is why the villains of Gotham are so dangerous even though they do not have superpowers, well most of them don't, or build some fantastic science gadgets. They break you, they destroy who you are and sometimes leave the husk behind. The rest of the DCU is probably on their knees every night thanking that the Joker is obsessed with Batman.

And then to the final future.

And the last future is again a bright one, well in reality, maybe not in metereality, as they just killed DC's biggest franchise there by cleaning up Gotham and removing the darkness from their biggest character. Still, while it's mixed with the sadness of lost, it's still optimistic, determined, and while they didn't get the right to bear children, there's still the love there. Hell, Diana's influence changed the Bat-costume to something far different, again signifying the change in the man bearing it. Of this, I have perhaps the least to say, as it rather straight-forward in telling the story, although again Kelly does tell a lot of the relationship in just those two pages.

After this future, Bruce awakens Diana, as J'Onn told him what she was doing. The two have a talk about them, with both at the same time saying that they don't think they should do it. Diana says that there is so much that could go right with them, but things could go wrong in so many ways and that she doesn't think that they should risk it. Bruce is indicated as agreeing. As they depart the room, Bruce asks if things ended badly in the dreams, like in a greek tragedy. Diana tells him that it was just a dream, but that things did end terribly while switching off the lights, but in the darkness we hear the memory of the first dream and Bruce's vow to Diana how each day of his life belongs to her.

As I said, I really liked this issue, but I am a fan of the pairing. Still, I hope even those who loath the pairing found some enjoyment of this post.

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Date: 2010-04-18 08:38 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] darkblade
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the Batwoman shown here but damn if that isn't an awesome costume.

Date: 2010-04-18 08:56 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] endis_ni
Agreed. It's properly intimidating, but without tipping into 90's excess.

Date: 2010-04-18 09:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] khamelea
That's pretty much exactly what I was going to write (again.)

Date: 2010-04-19 08:31 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] halloweenjack
Hells yes.


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