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Dead man's tale

Last week, Irredeemable Special #1 came out. It contains stories that focus on members of the supporting cast rather than the Plutonian himself.

The issue opens up with a bit of a teaser about future issues...

The dead one is the Hornet, who was killed by the Plutonian all the way back in the first scene of the fist issue. (The other two are Kaidan, whose origin story we get this issue, and Max Damage, whose story -- art by Howard Chaykin of all people -- depicts how he and Jailbait first met.)

Five years ago:

Ouch. One year later, he's trying to defuse a pressure-sensitive bomb strapped to a kid:

Plutonian knocks the baddie into a wall. "Thwoom."

...aaand four years later Plutonian murders him.

title: irredeemable, publisher: boom!, creator: mark waid, creator: paul azaceta

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