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The action takes place in Batgirl 21, and is a tie-in to the crossover Last Laugh. Basically the plot of that storyline is that a prison doctor told the Joker that he was dying of an inoperable brain tumour in an effort to make him docile, only for the lie to cause the Joker to "Jokerise" dozens of supervillains who promptly go a rampagin'.

Anyways, back to the story. Cass, Steph and Barb are in the Watchtower, and Oracle is detecting some weird energy readings. Also, Cass broke the hologram training room.

It's Jokerised Shadowthief!

He and Cass go and fight on the rooftop whilst Steph and Babs try to figure out how to stop a mostly intangible martial artist. Though it seems that Cass doesn't really need their help...

They short out Shadowthief's powers but they have the poor timing of doing it just when Cass was punching him in the fact hard enough for the (then intangible) villain to feel it,

Cue Cass having a panic attack after her accidentally "killing" him. Luckily Steph is calm enough to assist,


Cass runs off to brood about her nearly pancaking Shadowthief's head, but if she had then Firestorm wouldn't have died, causing him to come back as a Black Lantern Zombie who turned the current Firestorm's girlfriend into a salt statue, whose head was then broken off by BL-Dr Light so he could lick it menacingly. *runs out of breath*

Anyway, this kind of starts Cass on the road to seeing Steph as her friend and equal, as opposed to being a teammate at best or obstacle at worst (like how she saw Tim for the majority of her series).

title: batgirl
char: batgirl/cassandra cain
char: batgirl/spoiler/robin/stephanie brown
char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon
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