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Batgirl 34
The action begins with a low level Gotham criminal attempting to hide from his former collagues,




Naturally this doesn't sit well with Cass.

The kid and his dad were killed by a gangster called Ving, whose gimmick is that he's blind and is planning to break into the Gotham crime scene. Unlike the previous people who have attempted to do this, he's got a plan for when Batman shows up.

Getting a message from one of his many men posted across town, Ving goes to hide in a bank vault with roughly forty hired gunmen until the trail leading to him goes cold and he's able to start his next move.

Unfortunately for Ving, Cass is waiting for him INSIDE THE BANK VAULT when he gets to his secret hideout,





"That one." Say Bruce pointing to one.

They hear the police sirens and head off before they arrive, but not before Bruce writes "DNA" on the face of the guy who killed the man and his kid.

Cass and Bruce over look the scene as the police arrest the dazed and injured gangsters. Bruce notices that something it bothering Cass.

Bruce: What is it?
Cass: We didn't do ANYTHING. That little boy...
Bruce: We captured his killer. Brought him to justice. He'll pay for what he did. That's something.
Cass: Not enough.
Bruce: What about the other boys and girls... men and women. The people they WOULD'VE killed. People they won't kill now.

Bruce: Dozens of lives saved because of what you did tonight. Is that enough?

Cass thinks, and then answers: No.

Bruce: Good. Now you're ready to be a detective.

creator: kelley puckett
creator: Damion scott
title: batgirl
char: batgirl/cassandra cain
char: batman/bruce wayne
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