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scans from issue one of the 1985 Nightcrawler mini-series, written and illustrated by the late Dave Cockrum:


Before diving in, feel free to look over greenygal's post on UXM 153 and this blog post about Bizarre Adventures 27, which are both background reading for this series. I could have sworn there was a Scans_Daily post for Bizarre Adventures 27, but I can't find it.

and with that,
Nightcrawler is in the Danger Room with Illyana and Kitty observing from the booth. He's practicing fighting without using teleportation. After his work-out, he goes up to chat for a bit while he cools down. He starts talking about when he could not teleport during his other-dimensional adventure in BA 27 (and generally recaps for the readers).

Kitty gets the great idea to use the Danger Room to recreate the mysterious inter-dimensional portal that grabbed Kurt originally. Then everyone gets the even greater idea of going down to examine the strangely real looking simulation.

Shenanigans ensure:


(lol tentacles)


Kurt and Lockheed find themselves entangled in the tentacles of a giant flying C'thulhu beast. Fortunately, it isn't too smart, and both wriggle/port/bite their way out. Lockheed then firebombs it's eye the two escape... and then remember that Kurt can't fly. Lockheed grabs his tail and does his best to carry him until Kurt spots a skyship.

He ports the two aboard, but since they've pretty much been falling for a bit, Kurt slams through the deck. The crew isn't the friendliest to begin with, and assume Kurt is an attacker:


The whole "Boggie" and "Frumious Bandersnitch" thing is repeated throughout the series. Apparenty "Boggie" is a word occasionally used as slang for cigarettes, but I've never heard it before. Cockrum used a lot of references in this, so if anyone knows anywhere else the word Boggie comes from, please let us know!

Kurt manages to impress the captain with his skills and is invited to either join the crew or be tossed off. Kurt eagerly agrees to become a pirate and fulfill one of his lifelong dreams.

Kitty and Illyana, in the meantime, try to figure out how to bring Kurt and Lockheed back:


As the narrative text box helpfully lets us know, because of screwy inter-dimensional time dilation, a week passes for Kurt and Lockheed while only a few minutes pass for Kitty and Illyana. Kurt becomes a popular member of the crew...


...which is a dangerous position to be in. Fortunately:




Yes, as much fun as Talk Like a Pirate Day and Hollywood pirates may be, real life pirates are kinda unpleasant to be around. Kurt makes his dissatisfaction with current circumstances quite clear:


While this does put a quick end to the fight, it also makes the crew of the pirate skyship a bit more unpleasant to be around, so Kurt and Lockheed port over to the other ship, the captain swearing "that Boggie and his Frumious Bandersnitch haven't seen the last of us!"

Kurt explains his situation to the captain of the other ship, as well as how he stopped the fight, and gets a little distracted:


Oh, Kurt.

This panel isn't entirely necessary for the narrative, I just want to share the art. Cockrum seemed to really enjoy drawing panels like these throughout the story, and I think this one is my favorite:


As passengers begin to disembark, Kurt spots the princess again:


Her bodyguards try to buy him off:


Kurt begins to explore the city, but finds his resemblance to "Boggies" to be a bit of a hindrance:


So he disguises himself. Kinda.


Kurt's greatest weakness: damsels in distress. and bullets to the shoulder. But Lockheed has his back!


Never mind.

Kurt and Lockheed awaken aboard yet another skyship, this time a tamed C'Thulhu beast carrying a little ship, like a Zeppelin. A mysterious hooded figure explains that Kurt and Lockheed have been sold as slaves and that he is now their master. Kurt objects and starts to fight:


Tune in later this week (say, Tuesday?) for


Should be about 1/3 of 23 pages, let me know if I need to trim some more.

I don't think this series is available in trade. I found my copies digging through back bins at a pretty big convention.

char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, char: lockheed, title: nightcrawler, creator: dave cockrum, char: shadowcat/kitty pryde, char: magik/illyana rasputin, theme: pirates

and if anyone else wants to join in with me, series: nightcrawler swashbuckler supreme


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