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Martian Manhunter Vol 2 issue 24 - J'onn goes beserk

And does a very passable impression of the Hulk?

J'onn is recounting to Kyle the (imaginary) time Booster and Beetle hid all of his chocos stash. The rest of the team know what's going on but when J'onn asks them they wuss out of clueing him in (I recognise Guy but who are the females?)


J'onn's sh*t-eating grin is pure gold! It soon disappears though when he discovers there aren't any available packs of chocos within a one mile radius because Beetle and Booster have bought them all...


So much love!

And speaking of Kyle and J'onn, a request! Can anyone please tell me what arc/title/issue this scan is from?


[personal profile] kingrockwell has already kindly suggested Doug Mahnke and Joe Kelly are involved - going on this and the sketchy results of a google search, I think it may be JLA:Obsidian Age? Or am I totally off base? Help! Is Obsidian Age worth getting anyway?

suggested tags - title: martian manhunter, char:martian manhunter/j'onn j'onnz, char:green lantern/kyle rayner, char:green lantern/guy gardner, char:booster gold/michael jon carter, char:blue beetle/ted kord, creator:john ostrander, creator:doug mahnke
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It's Fire and Ice. During the JLI days.
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Re: the last panel

Ow! My spine!
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My boyfriend found this comic and bought it for me as a Christmas present. He's p. good.
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-kingrockwell has already kindly suggested Doug Mahnke and Joe Kelly are involved - going on this and the sketchy results of a google search, I think it may be JLA:Obsidian Age? Or am I totally off base? Help! Is Obsidian Age worth getting anyway?-

Obsidian Age it is! At the beginning, when Kyle is having weird dreams.

And yea, it's worth getting, Kelly had some nice hits during his run and Obsidian Age was definitely one of 'em :)

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Yeah, it was the start of the Obsidian Age storyline. It wasn't the best JLA story, but it was pretty decent (and Kelly only went downhill from there, so yeah).
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Ah, the immortal BWA-HA-HA! issue. So much love.
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Well! That's the way the cookie crumbles, Ted!
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You don't know Bea and Tora?!?!? Uh, welcome to scans_daily? :)

That second set might give someone else the warm fuzzies, but it makes me think of J'onn as John Carpenter's The Thing, starting with the kennel scene. Although he also kind of looks like the green James Arness as the original Thing From Another World, now that I think of it.
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Max's "SPLOOT" of blood at the end of it all is probs my favorite part of this, though. It's the icing on a cake of delicious crack.

Why is Ted dead and Max evil. GOD I MISS THIS.

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2010-05-05 05:33 am (UTC)(link)
While I'm not the world's biggest fan of JLI, this issue features some of my favorite moments with them - especially the bit where J'onn's cookie addiction takes on a corporeal form and begins possessing various team members and causing THEM to crave things. My favorite? Max Lord, who, while under the influence, spouts off one of my favorite lines of all time: "I want Superman to respect me, and Batman to do what I say, and Wonder Woman to... I want Wonder Woman to... Oh, how I want Wonder Woman to!"
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It's Obsidian Age. One of the early chapters. I know because these are some of my favorite panels.

I really enjoyed the arc so I think it's worth checking out.
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Wahoo! My favourite icon of all time is appropriate again!
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Tonight, the role of Guy Gardner will be played by Brian Thompson and a cereal bowl.
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Hmm... J'onn/Kyle? I'm intrigued.
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Wow, Kyle. Looking like you should be in a gay bar there at the bottom.

And also your head is on backwards.