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Marvel Super Heroes #2 preview

The economy is bad, things are rough all over and with the way oil and Europe is going, its going to get grim again soon. So look for a new sign of Hope and Change, as a new job position has opened up. CosmicBookNews has the guy who is ... headhunting... for the Big Important Job. Two pages behind the cut.

Sign me up! I have my bags packed and I am good to go, ready to start NOW! And I got my sister's cat, and it's priceless to her (but annoying to me). Can I go now?

suggested tags:
title: Marvel Super Heroes
group: Avengers
character: Firelord/Pyreus Kril
character: Invisible Woman/Susan Richards
character: Black Widow/Natasha Romanov
character: Iron Man/Tony Stark

creator: Paul Tobin
creator: Ronan Cliquet