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Baby Huey, the intellectually dense and stubborn duck lives in Duckville with his diminutive (in comparison) parents, Mama and Papa Duck.READ ON....

He was created by Martin Taras for Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios, and became a Paramount cartoon star during the 1950s.



from BABY HUEY #17, April 1959

Over the years, the comic writers apparently ran out of any original ideas for the character, and instead relied heavily upon formula plots and situations. Yet, some fans must have had fond memories from their childhood, at least enough to make THIS DIRECT-TO-VIDEO MOVIE.

Date: 2009-04-13 04:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] besamim.insanejournal.com
"Presink"? "Duh...Goo"?


Baby Huey was about the only major Harvey character I never encountered as a kid (the other being Little Audrey). Having seen this, I can't say I'm particularly sorry.

Date: 2009-04-13 08:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darklorelei.insanejournal.com
The cartoon always really, really freaked me out.

Date: 2009-04-13 11:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mullon.insanejournal.com
There was just somethng about Baby Huey that creeped me out.

Date: 2009-04-13 02:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] foxhack.insanejournal.com
My lord do I fucking LOATHE Baby Huey, and you just proved why.

Nice post. I just hate that fuck.

Date: 2009-04-14 04:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] psychop_rex.insanejournal.com
While I dislike Huey just as much as the majority of Harvey characters, I will admit that he is unique in their canon - for one thing, he's one of the only characters they published that couldn't be any of the others with a slight change of costume and/or skin color. For example, Casper could easily be turned into Hot Stuff by turning his skin red and giving him diapers, a horn and a tail, or Richie Rich by giving him caucasian skin coloring, blonde hair and the little-rich-kid outfit, or Wendy by putting him into red footsy pajamas and giving 'him' (it's theoretical by this point) a change of hairdo, or Little Dot by switching to black hair with ponytails, a dotted dress and hair ribbons and lipstick, etc., etc.. It's damned disturbing, really. Huey, on the other hand, looks like himself and no one else, a distinction he shares with only three other Harvey characters that I can think of, i.e Little Lotta, Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and Stumbo the Giant (Lotta because she's, uh, fat, Spooky because he's got one of those little black animal noses that you see in Disney comics, and Stumbo because he's, uh, a giant, and I don't really know much about him). Also, he lives in a funny animal world, instead of in the world of the other characters, so that kind of puts him in his own category. That being said, he's still hokey and unfunny and I hate him.
Oh, and clearly he lives in a world where they have NO knowledge of correct police procedure. If that sergeant doesn't lose his badge for this, I'll be very surprised.


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