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Who was Donna Troy: Two Now Kind of Depressing Pages

From the Outsiders/New Teen Titans issue covering Donna Troy's funeral, here are some people's

Haha, it's funny because Donna's now alive and Lian has fallen within the post-Blackest Night "No Resurrections" cause Didio has allegedly put up.

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Yea, dark stuff happened, but the characters didn't spend all their time angsting about it.

I really never understood why they feel the need to go all grimdark in a teen series. Teens want action, romance and drama. Slice of live inbetween the superhero action. Not death and destruction every 5 issues.-

At this point, tradition?

I'm with you. I think it started because the first time characters died it was shocking, then they really got stuck in a rut and that helped it drop from the premier book it was at one point, but the legacy lives on.
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I think that's why people liked YJ so much. Grimdark stuff did happen, like really grimdark stuff but they didn't angst about it, and they had a lot of fun and stuff. I don't think the Teen Titans writers really understand how to make that balance for some reason.

We get it, these peoples lives pretty much suck do you have to rub it in our faces every book?

If they keep killing people in the Teen Titans or that have been Titans, with the new thing about no resurrections half the dc universe is going to be dead...
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Come to think of it, Marvel's New X-men had a lot of grim stuff, but at least they weren't exactly on the team *voluntarily* when it happened post-M-day. They were there because they would be targeted and they'd do what they'd have to to stay alive and protect their own. It's really hard to buy the Titans as an all volunteer force when no-one enjoys it and everyone dies.
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I know, you'd think someone was forcing them to be there. If they hated it, and everyone they loved died you'd think they'd leave no matter how much they wanted to help people.

I would say it's sort of like... a group support system for them. And maybe it was back in the 80's, but NOW they don't even like eachother so that isn't even a good explanation.
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-If they hated it, and everyone they loved died you'd think they'd leave no matter how much they wanted to help people. -

It's not like there's not solo work or other teams. Every one of them could hero elsewhere and I think spends a significant amount of time heroing on their own.

They seem to be heroing together out of habit. I mean, a few of them it's the only place where they have friends, but not for most.