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Poking back through a couple of very old issues from Cable's first solo series, I ran into an interesting little oddity I thought I'd share with the comm.

We all know Hope Summers, now teenaged, destined for Messiah-hood, finally back in the present day X-Men comics. And most of us have probably heard that the 'official' reason for her getting that embarrassingly significant name was in honour of another Hope Summers, namely Cable's short-lived second wife (why no-one ever gave the poor girl a name before her adoptive mother's death I still don't know). Hey, it's not like a character being introduced entirely to be the hero's disposable love interest is anything new in comics.

So I was pretty surprised when, back in those old Cable issues, I ran into an established character from his future-clan by the name of Hope, who existed way back as far as the nineties. This is her:

(Yeah, I know – a combat bikini and all the pouches you can eat. Look, it was the nineties.)

Given that the rest of the clan had a habit of taking on names like 'Dayspring', 'Dawnsilk' and 'Tetherblood', 'Hope' actually sounds comparatively normal. The sum total of her appearances seem to be issues #1 and #2, but we do learn she's the sister of Cable's first wife, Jenskot (not quite sure what the story there is, as she's very black and Jenskot was very white, though they could always be adoptive or half-sisters), and doesn't seem too fond of him, since she holds him responsible for her sister's death. On the other hand, it's not too hard to picture her having a bit of a thing for him herself, if her reaction to him leaving is anything to go by.

So far, this actually seemed to be adding up. I knew Cable took Hope to the future to raise her, so it made plenty of sense he might've hooked up with his old clan, and, knowing he'd be there a while and probably feeling a bit lonely, married an old friend. Reviving an old character like that wouldn't have been half a bad excuse to get her that name, even if said character was too obscure for 99% of the audience to recognise.

However, all I actually knew about the first Hope Summers to this point came from discussion around the web, so imagine my surprise when I found a picture of the 'Hope' who'd appeared in Cable's recent comics, and she looked like this:

Ooo-kay. Not expecting that. What did they, just not bother to look for an actual picture of the character they were re-introducing?

Having finally tracked down and read the recent Cable issues in question, there doesn't seem to have ever been any intentional connection between the new Hope and the old one. The Hope Cable marries actually comes from a time period some years before the era his clan came from, and they'd never met before the whole Messiah thing sent him timehopping again.

So it seems all this was never a continuity nod so much as a really weird coincidence. (For bonus weird, the new Hope actually could've passed for Jenskot's sister quite convincingly.)

Kind of a shame, really. The original Hope gave the impression she would've been capable enough to give herself a better life expectancy than the one we got - inasmuch as any woman married to Cable has has much hope of that.

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