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My love for Paul Dini and his writing of Zee has, to date, been boundless. But today it is bounded. Gagged and bound to be exact. Here are the first two pages of a book I was really looking forward to. But, um, this kinda ruined it for me.

Oh noes, Zee is being held captive by a homicidal maniac and a murdering rapist. Both of whom have killed and or raped people she knows. But wait!

LOL, it's just for her nightclub act. Sue Dibny was Zatanna's friend and co-worker. Dr. Light raped her. Would someone really include said person as a character in their entertainment act? The atrocities of the Joker and Dr. Light are infamous. Would an audience enjoy seeing them in a night out at the theater? Let's put it this way, would David Copperfield, say, include Ted Bundy in his act?

creator: paul dini, character: zatanna zatara


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