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Bad Futures

Four scans apiece from X-Force #27, Part 9 of "Second Coming", and Wolverine: Weapon X #13.

As "Second Coming" continues, Bastion has sealed San Francisco in a giant impenetrable sphere, and is preparing to flood the area with an army of Nimrod super-sentinels from the future that numbers at least 170,000+ (Domino:  "I'm not mathmetician, but that seems bad.").  The X-Men's senior officers debate what to do next:

Meanwhile, everybody else goes out to prepare to face the invasion and to help move people out of the city and into the Atlantean underwater complex.

X-Force reunites for one last, glorious suicide mission.

The transporter is only one-way, so Cyclops bitterly notes that he's probably sent them all to their deaths, even if they succeed (one imagines they'll end up taking the sentinels' portal back).

Elsewhere, Wolverine: Weapon X's final pre-relaunch arc continues, as Logan, New Cap, and a psychic woman wearing a hoodie go up against an army of Deathloks sent from the evil, Roxxon-run future (presumably a different one).  The story is fine, but the character interaction sparkles:

He's one of Miranda's resistance members in the future.

Also, need more Aaron-written Spider-Man.

Miranda gives Steve the names of the remaining targets from the future, and he has them removed to the Baxter Building under heavy guard.  Logan, New Cap, Miranda, and l'il Wakowski take the Deathlok body and head to go visit the man who will create the Deathloks in the future:

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Geez Wolverine, I know you're missing your little blue buddy, but there's no need to be bitchy about someone whose past experience with bullets involved saving someone else's life at the cost of his own. And it's not like half the people at the table aren't vulnerable to bullets too.
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[personal profile] midnightvoyager 2010-05-26 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
*raises hand* I... didn't think the bullet line was exactly bitchy. I mean... it's a perfectly valid point, albeit raised in a sarcastic manner. I was actually rather confused at the freakout, because... um... yes, it is a point that was not pointed at until he said it.
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Except sarcastically pointing out that Doug isn't bulletproof in such a nasty way is belabouring the point in a REALLY tacky manner which does prove worthy of the title bitchy. Suggest Doug needs backup, but don't make light of the fact that he proved he wasn't bulletproof when he saved Wolfsbanes life.

Oh, and it also overlooks the fact that, even around that table, Ororo, Scott, Dani, Rogue (depending on powers) and Hank are all just as susceptible to being shot, yes they have powers that make it less likely they'll get hit, but their bodies as just as bullet-sensitive as Doug is.
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Maybe I'm just a snarky bitch, but I didn't see it as nasty at all, really. Or tacky. Blunt, yes, but... These guys regularly deal with and joke at death, you know? It is no more tacky than any other line I can think of... And he'd be just as likely to say it about any of those other people.

Am I missing some context or something? About Doug in particular? You keep saying things about saving Wolfsbane's life, but it seems like a disjointed, random, "he should be nicer" reference that doesn't make much sense to me.
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Doug died in the late '80s when he took several bullets for Wolfsbane.

I agree with you; I think it's an offhand line being complicated by continuity. I don't believe it's meant to be read like Wolverine is snidely referring to the circumstances surrounding Doug's death.
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OH oh, crap, I was trying to think recent. I see how it could be seen as mean, though... but... I really doubt it was intended that way.
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If Wolverine had said "Kid's vulnerable, send backup", that would not be being nasty, making a poor taste comment about the specific thing which caused the kids death by murder (as opposed to knives or lasers, both of which he's also vulnerable to) IS being nasty.
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He specifically mentions bullets, and these Sentinels are a little more advanced than that aren't they? Sorry, I don't see how it can be anything other than snide.
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The Sentinels are, yeah. The human soldiers that they've been fighting for most of the crossover until now are organized strike teams with assault weapons. Logan's been getting shot since this arc started.

I don't think it's meant as a continuity-based slam. At most, it's a snarky comment about how Cyclops wants to send the noncombatant linguist into the meat grinder with X-Force.