Mar. 4th, 2009

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By Military Comics #3 "The Death Patrol" has fallen to the back pages, appearing as the last story in the issues. This is Jack Cole's last time on the title.


In #4 Dave Berg has taken over Death Patrol. At the start of the issue he brings in Chief Chuck-a-Lug. In #5 he will bring in King Hotentot and a long time Patrol member doesn't make it back. See in under the cut!


Stay Tuned! In our next episode Hitler sends out women to seduce the boys! We also meet Boris the Borsht Eater.



(So not for dial-up)
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After the Harley posts, here's one of the other leads of Gotham City Sirens.

After Harley started hanging with Holly Robinson, Selina's protege, some suggested that Holly would keep Harley on the straight and narrow path. I'll avoid any obvious jokes about the likelihood of Holly intending to keep any attractive woman straight, or Harley being at all straight with red haired women... Oops, too late... But any association with Holly means one will be associated with Selina. And Selina Kyle is... Well...

Selina has confused the fandom for years, due to being the Love of Batman's Life. Since he loves her, and she does sometimes fight bad guys, she must be a superheroine, right?

Actually, she's an irredeemable, unrepentant, and very naughty girl.

Here's Selina and Holly out on the road...
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Four pages from Runaways #7, with more proof that Takeshi Miyazawa CAN draw characters that look at least kind of like guys... as long as it's not Chase or Victor.

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I thought, considering recent days, that it would be a good time to post this single scan from Mini Marvels that I've been meaning to post.

And don't worry, when the universe is raining on you, things'll always turn out for the best. Read more... )

Here, have a link too, for the dial-uppers.
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From Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, we have some of my favorite villains ever. Their great goal in life? To make no sense. And also to cause trouble for people that do, but that's more a recreational activity than a mission.

Five images beneath the cut - kinda large, but thumbnailed.

Also, this may have been discussed elsewhere, but if so, I missed it - when we create new tags, do we really need to say 'Creator: X ', 'Artist: X', 'Title: X' and so forth, instead of just saying giving the author, artist and title? It seems kind of redundant. ETA: Since there's still confusion over what I mean, let me try again - I'm saying, does it really have to be, for instance, 'Publisher: DC Comics' rather than just 'DC comics' or 'DC'? And, as was pointed out in the comments, What would you call a team book? As an example, would JLA be 'Group: JLA' or 'Title: JLA'?
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While I wasn't overly fond of Lieberman's run, there were all these individual bits I really liked, like these two pages from Harley Quinn #32...

Harley, of course, is the Trickster archetype. Tricksters, in myth, are often shape changers, so it's fitting that Harley has taken many identities over the years, many masks. At this point, she's considering walking away from the Harley Quinn persona, and slipping permanently into the Dr. Jessica Seaborn identity.

She's wondering if a certain someone else has ever considered doing the same...

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Mar. 4th, 2009 05:53 pm
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It's taken me for freakin' ever to figure out how to post. Apparently I friended instead of joining or something. Bah!

Anyway a new romance comic for you.


Lovelorn #39 1953 )

Also: a couple of questions. Is anyone interested in me reposting some of the comics I did for Scans_Daily 1.0? And Mods just to be extra safe, do the pages I posted in Scans_Daily 1.0 count towards the page count in Scans_Daily 2.0?
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Three pages from #11 of Volume 1 of Runaways, showing that once upon a time, Takeshi Miyazawa drew Chase looking like a guy. This story arch was actually Miyazawa's first time doing the Runaways.

Again, apologies for the size of the scans. I continue to battle Photobucket on this.

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This is the cover of PEP COMICS# 36. The Shield and Hangman are proud and confident as they hoist this humor back-up character on their shoulders. It's the Golden Age of Super-heroes, they're riding the crest of the wave, what could possibly go wrong? Little do they suspect that in but a few years this redheaded goofball would toss them out of their strips and take over completely. Not only that, but over sixty years later he and his high school chums will still be on newsstansds unchanged, while they (and the Black Hood, Comet, Mr Justice et al) will be relegated to brief revivals. So it goes.

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Wow, she's really piling the sugar on. This is from PEP COMICS# 22, December 1941. Notice the hitching post by the curb there, for tying up the horse that pulled the milk wagon which delivered glass bottles to each house in the morning and took the empties. 1941 was a different planet.

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And now Veronica gets into the act. This sets up the cyclic dating pattern between Archie, Betty and Veronica that will provide fodder for thousands of plots. This is PEP# 26, April 1942. Archie has aged five years in five months, but not to worry, he will stay there now for five decades. The life of a comics character, never easy.

mystery guest )

A fine artist who created one of the most famous strips in history.. it's been in serials, feature films, TV shows, radio series, lunchboxes and toys and what-have-you. Here he's showing the perks of drawing a newspaper strip (which paid much better than the lowly comic books) as he can afford to hire live models rather than copying from other artists and magazines photos.
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x-posted to No Scans Daily


We have yet to receive any new information from Abuse as to who filed the complaint against us. The latest conspiracy theory is that the Hand of God brought us low.

[ profile] rabican and [ profile] stubbleupdate were interviewed by Comix Mix. I was actually an uncredited contributor. I'll never be internet famous! *cries*

[ profile] triestine has given Scans Daily 2.0 a year of paid time.

[ profile] jarodrussell has made a web-ready version of [ profile] pandanoai's backup. (id/pw: sdbackup/sdrocks)

Big thanks to [ profile] triestine and [ profile] jarodrussell.

Policy Changes

The transition to the new communities has involved a lot of invisible background work. Thanks for your patience while we implement rules changes that will ensure both communities enjoy a long life.

Creator Rights

Scans Daily and No Scans Daily welcome the participation of comics creators. Creator participation is subject to the same basic rules that govern the behaviour of fans in the community. However, SD and NSD recognize creators prerogative to control the republication of their work.

1. Copyrighted material will be immediately removed at the request of creators and copyright owners.

Requests for removal of copyrighted material should be directed to the moderation team

2. Spoilers will be removed at the discretion of individual posters. It is not our policy to suppress discussion of comics.

Requests for removal of spoilers should be directed to the original poster.

Psuedonymity and Internet Identity

Given the recent creator-fan conflicts over the 'realness' of internet identity, in both in our community and science fiction fandom, I thought it would be a good idea to clarify our position. SD and NSD respect our members' rights to privacy and control over their online identities. As far as we're concerned you are your pseud.

Trolling and attempts to dismiss other posters on the basis of their 'hiding behind a fake name' will not be tolerated.

Unauthorized public release of a fellow member's contact information will result in immediate banning.

More updates to come.
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I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!

I come bearing 5 uber-sexy scans from my favorite comic of all time (and it's barely on it's second issue!)
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From Icons: Chamber #1-4, by Brian K. Vaughan and Lee Ferguson

After volunteering to go undercover (in as much as someone like Jono can GO undercover) to investigate the deaths of 6 mutants and meeting several of the mutants going to Empire State University (including a girl who looks kinda like one of the creatures from Alien named Amber), Our Hero arrives in his dorm room and meets his new roommate, Walter.

They don't exactly hit it off.

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