Mar. 18th, 2009

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This monkey has nothing to do with this story;
rather, it's a short filler piece about some of his relatives.

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Just a heads up guys, PAD has made it pretty clear that he's not comfortable with our community, and that he's willing to involve the legal department of his employer, to prevent our posting snippets of his work. So no PAD scans, even under flock. While he's been more accepting of our posting older works, he's also made noises about wanting people to ask for his permission before scanning and sharing even small portions of his work.

Let's respect his wishes on this.

ETA: anon commenting is off. IP addresses are (and always have been) logged. Dissent is welcome but trolling, and disrespecting members is not. Keep things civil, guys. To comment you can create an account or log in through open id.

ETA2: apparently IJ treats open id as anon commenting. *sighsighsigh* Anon commenting is on but screened, because I can't mod the comments closely tonight.
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So what is the mysterious force that make you risk all and pick up a new book instead of your old fav.s from the shelf ? Last Wensday I felt gravitys pull for this book "Pull Shapes"
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I found these funny and um, I hope you do too. :p

Featuring Lil' Rorshach! )
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This is a bit of a catch up on the first volume of the series, because Volksjager posted some of the latest. This kind of explains the world or Phonogram and gives you a hint of why you might want to buy the original collection (further hint: because it is ace).

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We have now entered Jon Lewis's run!

HERE IS A SECRET. The first Robin comic I ever got was #102. That's how I was introduced to Steph. That's where I first thought "Hey, she's cool".

Then I of course, proceeded to collect Robin comics like a madperson and became obsessed with Steph, but you probably guessed that.

So I have an affection for Lewis's run. His plots may have been....really out there, especially for a Robin comic, which should be more focused on street level Gotham-y crime, but I absolutely adore his characterization. Focusing on Steph, he wrote her as a smart, strong young woman. He wrote a Steph who had matured and learned from her experiences, without sacrificing the spunk and spark that made her so endearing. He had her develop and grow. And as for Tim and Steph's relationship, he dispensed with Dixon's method of creating conflict by having one or both of them act like jerks. He wrote a (relatively) healthy relationship between two kids who obviously really cared about each other, and had the conflict come in and organic and natural way, maintaining the interest without making the characters look like asses.

So, complain to me about the sci-fi plots all ya want, but it's his adorably geeky Tim and smart, spunky Steph that win me over.

Now, onto his first arc (the first few pages are actually Dixon, he and Lewis split writing duties on Robin 100) which is 100-105.

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While making a post for Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade I came across this ad for Batman The Brave and the Bold. I have been along time DC reader, but I can figuer out who this girl is. I must know S_D.

Not Huntress, I don't think so anyway.... )
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It's too adorable not to post, alas I have no clue as to the artist(though a few have a signature I can't quite make out) so if anyone knows please let me know.

I wonder if this is what Alan Moore feared would happen... )
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As one of the manga's chapter quotes remarks, an alien presence can be disturbing just in itself, regardless of whether or not it is actually hostile. That goes double when the presence in question is staring at you with its creepy, creepy eyes.

(WARNING: Possibly NSFW due to nudity)

(Note that things with freaky eyeballs are so common in Fuan no Tane that this is actually going to be a two-part post!)
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Why does that sound familiar?

ETA: I am so sorry about that. The size should be much better, but still (hopefully) readable. My double apologizes to people on the feed. I have no clue how others are able to get their lj-cut to transfer to the feed.
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I approached with caution, maybe even distaste. I saw another Tiny Titans. I always check out DC's kids line for my local library, so I had to at least look. As I flipped thru my eyes grew wide...Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade is Adorable and Deep!

This really is a all ages comic. If you have ever liked Supergirl, check it out.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic- Image and video hosting by TinyPic- Image and video hosting by TinyPic Writer Landry Walker; Art and Cover by Eric Jones

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Andy Price is an artist whose style I've loved since I first saw this image;

NSFW (but not PURE porn) )

Andy has a genuine, if delightfully irreverent, love of the DC characters, in all their assorted styles and era's and can seemingly reproduce all of them.

Luckily he does a lot of work with sketchcards, for the DC Legacy series, and the new Batman Archives set from Rittenhouse and so there have been many nice examples of his work to be had, e-bay being a big help there!

So just bear in mind as you go through these, ALL of them are by the same artist....

Bat-centric fun below )
There are a LOT of images under here. Even if most of them are relatively small, dial up be warned.

As they have been released by DC for sale, I think it satisfies the need for a published piece of art, but I'll add one in if any mod thinks it's required.


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