Mar. 23rd, 2009

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But I will...

So, Artemis is dead. But, since she was so popular, DC gave her a miniseries all about her coming back to life and kicking ass. Hey, that sounds nice. And William Messner-Loebs was writing it, he has some talent. What could go wrong?

Oh, right, THE NINETIES. )
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I have sad news. My idol, Sylvia Plath, lost her stepson recently. He hanged himself at his home in Alaska. Something tells me Palin had something do to with it. Yeah.......when hell freezes over. Anyway, Frieda Plath claims he had been suffering from depression for quite sometime, something both his late mother AND Assia Wevill both appeared to have, seeing as how they both killed themselves (Assia killed her daughter too.) least all 5, including Ted can be in heaven together.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 07:42 pm
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Have a taste of the things to come! Because I must share this with you I've started scanlating portions...

This is a panel from Alef-Thau by Jodorowski and Arno. It starts off interestingly enough, as a tale of a kid born without limbs but who just can't be stopped on his quest towards becoming a hero, while also being a colossal dick to other characters. And then it gets weird. And weirder. Do you remember the Technopriests posts in the old community? Yeah. Same writer.
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In my last post, someone anonymous told me I should post War Games and the Ghost!Steph stuff. Now, I would not post 99% of War Games unless you put a gun to my head, not to mention I only own two War Games-y issues- Batgirl #56 and Robin #130. Robin #130 was purchased for me by my Dad, on the basis it was an issue of Robin, and I have it stuffed somewhere in the comics box without a bag to protect it. War Games is the antithesis of why I'm doing these posts- to show Steph being cool and Steph-ish. War Games shows Steph flailing, crying, acting like an idiot, and being tortured gratuitously, all because the editorial at the time hated her/thought she was disposable. Most likely hated her, since there's a fine line between disposing of a character and making sure they die horribly, and as a fuck-up.

But, there is a point- the ghost stuff was pretty good. Cassandra was the only character who seemed to really grieve for Steph, or rather, Anderson Gabrych was the only writer who respected the character of Steph enough to acknowledge her existance and importance to those she left behind. So, we're going to post a tiny portion of War Games, five pages where Cass sees Steph for the last time pre...what happened. As well as some other relevant scans. Then, we're going to explore Steph as a spirit and the reaction Cass had to Steph's "death." Because it's good, moving stuff. Warning, though, it's pretty sad too.

Batgirl #54, #55, #56, #58, #61, #62, #72 and #73


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