Apr. 2nd, 2009

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After yet another JLA/JSA team up/time travel story everyone is left to wonder what really happened...


Yikes, imagine being trapped in Limbo with Owlman ?????

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No, not the movie trailer for "When the lights went out in Georgia", Gilligan.

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The first issue of Mark Waid's new creator-owned superhero comic, Irredeemable, came out yesterday. It's about the world's greatest superhero becoming its greatest supervillain. Anyway, it has an afterword by Grant Morrison, who, in-between praising the book, discusses how society has a strong tendency to typecast not just actors but people in general, inluding writers.

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Title: Marvel Comics Presents - "Separate Allies" (Marvel, 1991, 8 pages)
Creators: Karl Bollers/Antonio Matias (writers), Joe Madureira (pencils)
Availability: Out of print

Another book that's in my collection only because it had Northstar in it. Instead of a cameo, he gets his own story dealing with the fallout both from his Olympic scandal and his days in the FLQ. Ambitious for a little eight-pager, and, keeping the limitation of length in mind, it doesn't come off too badly,

Also, context is for the weak:

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So, comic lovers, I'm sure you are all familiar with Carl Barks, right?
Well, he made the ducks so popular that almost every character in Duckburg got their own solo series. Unfortunately, he didn't have creative control in any way, shape, or form; so duck fans ended up getting stuff like this:

from JUNIOR WOODCHUCKS #2 (GoldKey) 1967


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