May. 4th, 2009

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So, I was working on my pull list article for my website (where I detail what looks good in comics the coming week), and looked up the Battle For The Cowl: The Network cover art for use in the article. I share this with you.

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Brian Hughes of AGAIN WITH THE COMICS posted a cover gallery with sarcastic commentary about the Mexican version of Marvel's SpiderMan series quite a while back, but he didn't have access to the issues.
As a special treat for Cinco De Mayo, here's a five page segment from EL SORPRENDENTE HOMBRE ARANA #178 cover-dated Septiembre 7 de 1973 (it was a weekly comic).
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Greetings True Believers! The my recent post and Doug Ramsey/ Betsy Braddock inspired me to post another one of my favorite Betsy moments. The first fight she had with Sabertooth during the Mutant Massacre. It's a great fight and a great storyline. (Further evidence that X-Men achieved perfection in the 80's.) During the massacre Psylocke is new to the x-mansion and is trying to assist with the recovery efforts. She doesn't feel accepted by the X-Men yet and is worrying that she's not helping enough..... (These scans are from the Mutant Massacre TPB)

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It's one of those "what might have been" things. After WW II, an artist named Joe Maneely started working for Timely as it became Atlas. He was great in a variety of genres, and he was remarkably fast. Reports go that he would lay out a page with stick figures, then do the art in the inking stage.. in effect skipping a step. To do this quickly and well is quite a trick. Unfortunately, in 1958 at the age of 32, he died in an accident where he fell between the cars of a commuter train. Aside from the tragedy of the family he left behind, his possible career of another twenty or thirty years of art was lost as well. If he had been working for Atlas just a few years later, he might have made the Silver Age a much richer and more varied era than it was. With Maneely as well as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Stan Lee would not have had to rely on some of the lesser talent he used. It's hard to imagine what amazing new characters and titles Marvel would have produced then. But, they will always remain in what Forrest Ackerman called "the realm of unwrought things." Here's a few samples of Joe Maneely art....

From THE BLACK KNIGHT# 2, July 1955.

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Two pages from when Animal Man met his maker, but first, an unrelated panel from the same trade:

The whole scene made me love the Crime Syndicate of America, but this panel in particular.

Anyways! Grant Morrison apparently hates Animal Man. )

So, what would you do if you found out your life was a comic, scansdaily?
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(Note: irish_spectre asked me to post this for her since she doesn't have an IJ account)

To continue on the celebration of Joker/Harley, here is a classic for you guys: Batman and Robin Adventures #18. The premise? Joker is down in the dumps because of some billboards featuring the Dynamic Duo and Harley means to cheer up her Puddin'.

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More Joker/Harley action...
This is a repost from old S_D. It's called the Dogcatcher. It was collected in Detective 785-788 and is a fun story about a Gotham dogcatcher who happens to stumble upon the Clown Prince of Crime's animal.

Joker decides to pick up the animal after much nagging from Harley... (who doesn't actually appear but is spoken about)


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