May. 6th, 2009

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So last time, Scott feel in love with a woman because she looked like Jean Grey, his dead girlfriend. I know, I know, but they kinda pulled it off. Then someone had the bright idea of reuniting the original X-Men into a new team called X-Factor. Of course, Jean was at present dead, so some hasty retconning revealed that it had actually been a clone of her, bringing Jean back to life at the small cost of invalidating a classic X-Men story.

And, of course, Scott was with Madeline. Married. With a baby son. Not the kind of a thing you can just sweep under the rug, but damn if they didn't give it the ol' college try.

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There's been some talk of SD being too negative. So I figured it was time for something wholly positive: a love meme. With scans.

Here's how it works:

Comment: I LOVE TINY TITANS (scan proving lovability omg)
Reply: LOVE
Reply: LOVE

Here's how it doesn't work:

Comment: I LOVE MINI MARVELS (scan proving lovability omg)
Reply: HATE
Reply: WANK
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One of the differences between the solicited version of Battle for the Cowl: The Network and the final version. Art by José Ladrönn.

From Tony Daniel's blog: "Um let's see - the Huntress I went to Jim's design for 2 reasons, the first is I feel it is sexier and she pops more. The other costume is too much black, which is fine, but in the book there's so much black already. And I like showing some skin when I can. I'm having a blast with all the female characters that I'm now getting a chance to handle. Women are easier to draw than men (for me) so I just have a great time whenever they're featured."
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Three pages from New Mutants #1. You know, the new one. In which the Original New Mutants and the New Guys have words about Illyana.

....aaaaaaaaand once again the tags absolutely refuse to work for me. *headdesks*
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The gist of it is, Alfred becomes sick with a virus. Precautions are taken and everything is done to make him better. This issue did a great job of convincing me Bruce is a human being. I could have posted the entire thing, because I really did love it. It also shows how big an effect Alfred has on those around him. I thoroughly recommend this one.

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Continuing on with the love...

This time with Conan O'Brien LOOKALIKE!!!
From Batman Strikes! #35... Joker takes over pseudo Conan O'Brien's show after "Corwin O'Dooley" declares himself the funniest man in Gotham.

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The "I LOVE" meme reminded me that we have a severe lack of classic Runaways in our new archive. So let's go back to a simpler time, when BKV and Adrian Alphona were still in charge, the runaways were just settling in their new hostel, and Victor Mancha would possibly grow up to destroy all they love. But in the midst of all that angst, love blooms.

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Four scans from two issues.
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I was drawn in by talk of a JxHQ week, so thought I’d contribute by putting together a little post of all the best Joker & Harley bits from the comic adaptation of The Batman & Superman Adventures: World’s Finest. I see this as much like picking the particularly cute and funny chocolate chunks from a cookie.



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