May. 12th, 2009

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I blame [profile] captain_clown for this.

A repost from old s_d.... Mightier than the Sword and Masks of Love... a Joker/Harley tale...

From Batman and Robin Adventures #10 and #14. Eleven scans from the two-parter.
Harley pens an "autobiography." Needless to say her ex isn't pleased and escapes from Arkham to "MURDERIZE" her.
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I just wanted to get a definite answer as I'm hearing conflicting responses.

What is the current rule regarding short stories from anthology issues? Are they allowed as long as they don't exceed the 1/3 page limit of the actual issue? Or do they count as a complete story in and out of themselves, and thus only 1/3 of the short story itself can be posted?

I ask because I've been posting stories from old EC comics and Warren magazines. These stories have not exceeded the 1/3 limit of the source material. However, if the new rules state that I need to only post 1/3 of these stories, I'll probably just stop posting them here. This isn't some Cartman "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home"; I just don't see  the point in posting two pages out of a self-contained six-page story.

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Since we do not have any designated week per se, I open the forum to Rain of Frogs week, starting with images of the Frog that commands the thunder and rain... THROG!

LockJaw & the Pet Avengerswill be released this week, and we can look forward to seeing this kind of action.
Some pics from the legendary Simonson run, Thor #363-#366

The Wish

May. 12th, 2009 03:49 pm
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Title: "The Wish" (found in Concrete v. 4 - "Killer Smile"; 206 pages)
Creators: Paul Chadwick (art & story)
Availability: In print.

I've been holding off on reposting this for a while, but, happily, it seems to be allowed. :)

Old S_D introduced me to Paul Chadwick's Concrete, and I still occasionally feel that I should thank you guys for that. I adore everything about the book: the thoughtful nature of the protagonist, the fantastic artwork, the humor, and just the wonderful exploration of humanity in general.

And, of course, 100 Horrors, a run of back-up strips in the Concrete volumes which contain some fantastical dark humor delivered in bite-sized chunks. Take this one, for example...

I laugh every time (because I'm a terrible person). These alone make the Concrete volumes worth tracking down.
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The Scans Daily modlings have lately been discussing our 1/3 rule. As it stands, the rule is that no more than 1/3 of a story or chapter can be posted on the comm, excepting free, orphaned, public domain, web-published stories, and stories that are 1-2 pages in length. It used to be, back in the halcyon days of Scans Daily 1.0, that we'd allow 1/2 of a volume to be posted. So why did we make the change?

In short, what this means for you as a member making posts:

1) You may only post 1/3 of a story or chapter not of a complete volume.
2) The burden is on you to indicate/prove that the comic you are posting is in the public domain, an orphaned work, or a web-published story if you exceed the 1/3 limit. (If it is a web-published story, please credit and provide links to the source.)
3) Free promotional comics (e.g. comics that publishers released for free for Free Comic Book Day) may also exceed the 1/3 limit, but remember each individual poster may not post more than 4 pages from a recent comic.
4) Stories that are 1-2 pages in length may be posted in full.
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I managed to find my seven issues of Thriller--I dropped the title when Robert Loren Fleming left the book--and have assembled a few character shots of Tony Salvotini, a/k/a "Salvo" of the Seven Seconds.

To give you the Wiki-based character description, Tony Salvotini was a former mercenary soldier and member of the U.S. Marines' rapid Deployment Force. After mistakenly killing an innocent man, Salvo vowed to never again shoot to kill. He would instead only wound his targets.
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If people are interested and the mods permit it, I can scan some more when time permits.
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Zirk appeared in the strip LASER ERASER AND PRESSBUTON in the British magazine WARRIOR (PRESSBUTTON was an interesting series itself and deserves an in-depth look. The psycho cyborg and his assassin partner began in some underground rock music magazines; Steve Moore (writing as "Pedro Henry") created and scripted the characters, and Alan Moore (writing as "Curt Vile" for some reason) used Pressbutton in an epic called "The Stars My Degradation" (hah).

So. Zirk is this alien who really IS alien. Flying around on his mentally controlled platform, he engages though in various unsavory illegal activities like smuggling. Mostly, he's a complete pervert who is aroused by anything with long appendages, paricularly if they wiggle. Human women appeal to him, but he'll also do it with anything from nightsquid to the severed neck of an ostrich. It's not clear what goes on here, since he apparently has no external organs (not even eyes or mouth). Maybe he does everything telepathically, stimulating his victims' pleasure centers. Or maybe he has inverted organs which emerge at the proper time. It's best not to know, but we should notice that Zirk's partners/victims becomes immensely infatuated with him. ("Love 'em and leave 'em," he smirks.)

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Since I noticed that unkwonscribbler posted some awesome pieces by Mr. Geers here a bit ago

I thought I'd share this cool Cir-El piece he did for me since I won a pageview contest he had.


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