May. 30th, 2009

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Dear members of Scans_Daily and NoScans_Daily,

One of the things that we love about scans_daily is that we don't shy away from controversial subjects. This is a good thing, and one of the many things that make our community great. Subjects like race, gender, sexuality, or even your favourite comic or character, can spark passionate discussion and debate.

But in order to maintain our community as a place where people feel comfortable having these discussions, we all must adhere to our community ethos: Criticize arguments, art, writing, but do not make insulting, offensive or passive aggressive remarks to or about people. This includes people both inside and outside of the community. Read more... )
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Greetings True Believers! I'm in a Doom state of mind! Sherkahn has inspired me to do another Doom post featuring a correctly written Victor Von Doom. So here is "Masks" from Marvel's Double-shot #2. It's a great story about not only the risks of trifling with Doom's heart/mind but also his mastery of psychology and the way he looks at the world. Enjoy!

Who here would like a Dr. Doom week? Let's do it!! Doom demands that you paid tribute to the Lion of Latveria with a WEEK OF DOOM!

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Inspired by this post, more Jonah being a badass.

by the way tag-wranglers, looks like we have two jjj tags that should prolly be merged or whatever under the jjj jr. one
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An epic post that had immensely brightened my day, shortly before the original base was kicked in, was the post with sexy scans of Steve Rogers where the bulge was prominent. Comment threads after comment threads of oh nom nom nom... Please post again?
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I looked back a bit and I haven't seen this posted but I just joined so I might be mistaken in which case forgive the repeat.

So when I looked through Uncanny X-men on a recent bout of masochism my righteous feminism sense were all ready pinging and on the last page of Fantastic Force they went wild. (There's some alternate timelines involved before people go 'where did this come from' on me.)


Edited because I don't want the focus to be on my comments on comics and on the panel itself.
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You know we need to get more stuff from the old lj mentioned here.

This is from Superman/Batman 50 where we discover that improbably Jor-El and Thomas Wayne met.

It's a 38 page book I've got twelve and 2/3's below the cut. Basically Thomas's entire Kryptonian adventure.

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Boy, do I have some crack for y'all today. Published in Wonder Woman #7, winter of 1943. This is a long story, so I counted the pages and made sure I didn't have too many. Had to delete a few of the scans that were in this post on the old s_d.

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Album for dial-uppers.
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A while ago, while I was picking up links for When Fangirls Attack a couple of people made some arguments about the Lasso of Truth I considered to be faulty. I was busy at the time, and supporting my argument would require scannage, so I filed it away for later. Looking back at blog posts, I remembered I had planned to argue this (for the sole goal of informing the public, of course! :P) and so I'm putting up these scans to support my argument. I'll link them in my blog post arguing this.

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In the latest issue of Amazing, Spider-Man and Wolverine share a joke about Bush being like Norman Osborn. But it seems it's not just the GOP's that Parker's taken potshots at, as this scene from Spectacular Spider-Man #246 shows...


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