Jun. 26th, 2009

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My reasons for posting this page are twofold....firstly, to illustrate a point I made in the last Gotham City Sirens post about the way the artist draws faces - specifically, the blandness of the female faces, and relative cartooniness of the male faces.

Secondly...I'm a Riddler fan, who's been rather....distressed by his recent jobbing. For everyone. Former victims, supposed friends...it's one thing to have the Bat get one over on him, but Eddie's played the chump for everyone pretty constantly for a couple years, and this...bugs me. Eddie finally manages to get some back in GCS. Sort of.


Jun. 26th, 2009 10:25 am
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I just acquired Superman/Batman: Alternate Histories. It includes "Leatherwing" (Pirate!Batman), "Legacy" (a Superman who got here 200 years earlier and prevented the American Revolution), "Crucible of Freedom" ("John Henry Irons is born and raised as a slave during the 1800s"), and finally, "Citizen Wayne" (1930s noir).

Under the cut, two scans from the pirate one.
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[insanejournal.com profile] colonel_green suggested I post this, and when the man's right, he's right. The affairs of Zeus and Herc were the main storyline this month, but Pak and Van Lente have also split Cho off for a potentially nifty little B-plot, so a few pages on that here.

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Eight Three pages from The Spirit Archives Volume 4, which is hundreds of pages long.

"A Dull Week" doesn't contain fun guest stars like Silk Satin or Sand Saref, but it does show Eisner's firm grasp on the form. All the storytelling elements he loved to play with are in fine form here, showing the comedic possibilities of the ensemble cast.

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In the late 90's, Alan Moore became the writer for Rob Liefeld's superhero team book Youngblood. As should come as no surprise, he drastically revamped the whole thing. This is the series outline Moore wrote up before starting on the book, in which he details his approach and plans for the title. It's a series bible of sorts, basically.

And for legality, there's three pages from Moore's time on the title itself, featuring a nifty take on superspeed.

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Greetings True Believers! Once again we must look to the world of Marvel Adventures for the truth. In these scans from Marvel Adventures #12 Cap and Rick Jones battle Hydra on their website hydraforamerica.com. Cap has returned from the ice and he's in the media 24/7 and Steve asks Rick to explain all this "teleovideo" nonsense. Rick introduces Cap to the internet and he asks if it can tell him anything about Hydra. They log on to Hydra's site but oh no! Hydra command hacks their webcam and hits them with a matter translation beam and now Cap and Jones must battle their way through a "Web of Deceit" Enjoy!

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First of all the question. If I only post a few panels from a page can I post from more than seven different pages. I'm not just talking cutting blacked out panels because the character is supposed to be unconscious, there's still good stuff on them.

The Joker declaring himself "An American criminal lunatic" during a Marvel/DC crossover has been referenced here several times, but I don't think I've ever seen it posted. It's Batman/Captain America set during WW2


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