Jul. 3rd, 2009

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From the DCUBlog, some Preview pages from Batman 688

I'll skip over the first four images, which show Dick getting the shit kicked out of him by a shadowy figure, in the Bat-vault, someone who clearly knows where it is. Is it Lucius Fox PO'd at Dick nicking all the good R&D toys? Is it Jason? I don't know, but it IS a Winnick story. Whoever it is had better be in line for a righteous smackdown, as I thought we were past "Dick gets taken down by a mysterious badguy to show how badass they are" when he put the ears on... it would appear not alas.

Oh, and appropos of little, click here for a 45 minute animated superhero fanfilm you might enjoy, as it has just about EVERYONE in it. The style is a little too close to Family Guy for my tastes, but IS thorough... sort of
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No, not THAT guy. Ever since I heard Stan Lee claim that he made a soldier gay way back in the day, I've been curious to see Percival "Pinky" Pinkerton.

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Which just happened to be in my computer, I don't know why. But here you go. No particular comment except...
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Upon rereading Under the Hood, I noticed something that I loved from Jason at the time and something that I wish had stayed consistant on, to be honest.

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Found this 9-page spread on Marvel's website, thought it might be of interest.  Putting up one page from it here because I think it might go over well with you folks.  :)

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or: Ted Knight gets taken out rather anticlimactically.

context is simple: every golden age hero ever is fighting an atomic ubermensch with the brain of the world's greatest villain, under James Robinson's pen.. or keyboard, whatever he assembles symbols into sentences with.

said ubermensch, known as Dynaman before the revelation of who he really was (for which he has a certain ex-Delores Winters to thank) has been pretty much cleaning house; guys like the Red Bee and Black Condor prove no challenge to him, while somewhat more powerful heroes such as Green Lantern and Hawkman have proven two-page fight scenes to him at best.

speedster Johnny Quick, realizing that things are going to hell in a handbasket very quickly after the former Dynaman fells Green Lantern in the span of one of those two-three page slugfest, calls upon the last hero who might actually have a chance of stopping this madman.

That hero? Ted Knight, Starman...  )
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From 1985, this was written by Jean Van Hamme, drawn by Grzegorz Rosinski, translated into English by Chris Tanz and Jean-Paul Bierny. I have three of the albums collecting the Thorgal stories and read them until the covers fell off. So refreshing, the art and storytelling work so well together. It's not much like PRINCE VALIANT, my first thought skimming through the books. The mix of mythology, science fiction and high adventure is just right. I'd recommend any comics fan pick up an album if they see one and see if they don't itch to read the rest.Here's a nerve-stretching sequence with a cruel archery tournament. You don't have to have endless inhabited worlds blown up or cities destroyed by aliens to build suspense, and you don't need page after page of agitated monologues for drama.

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From G.I. Joe vol. 2 #25 during the Devil's Due run. The moment most Joe fans have been waiting for: Cobra Commander versus Serpentor. Winner gets rule over Cobra.

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I draw a weekly comic called High School's for Girls. If you want you can read the archived comics at my website
www.hsfg-comics.com. Here is the comic-


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