Jul. 9th, 2009

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Intermission: Hangin' with Beetle (pt 2)
With special bonus: Vic's Cool Quota Runs A Surplus

Tonight we're looking at Blue Beetle v6 #'s 5-7, by Len Wein and Paris Cullins. There's a lot of crazy meta stuff surrounding this arc. It ends two months before Ted plays his part in the Legends cross-over, which lead to JLI, so he hasn't really fostered any relationships with DC natives yet, so they apparently decided to reinforce his friendship with a fellow Charlton immigrant first. Also, and really, really interestingly, Vic's guest spot in BB #'s 4-7 (#4, if you'll remember, we glanced at in our last post) were released concurrently with the first four issues of Watchmen. It's makes me curious as to whether this arc happened to further establish Vic and Ted's partnership in order to legitimatize the homage of Rorschach and Nite Owl. It's a lot to think about.

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First, a couple of WW-related cartoons I cut out years ago.

These are from Wonder Woman #129, which is 30 pages long. I believe there are only two issues that featured Wonder Tot's boyfriend Mermite, and this is one of them.

Wonder Tot has her detractors, and it's not surprising; the cutesy way she refers to herself in the third person is highly irritating. (I have never heard any child do this in real life, though one mother on my F-list says her toddler sometimes does it.) However, I have a soft spot for her because she's such a driven little Amazon. While Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl are dithering over their boyfriends, she's honing her warrior skills and seeking adventure.

The canon about the identities of Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot is inconsistent. It seems at first, they were supposed to be Wonder Woman when she was younger. Then they started doing "Impossible Tales" like the one we're about to see by allegedly splicing together film of Diana at different ages. Later on, it seems they dropped this entirely and gave Wonder Woman two younger sisters. I haven't read them in order, so I can't remember if they did this in order or if they switched back and forth; the latter wouldn't surprise me at all.

Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Golden Age Steve Trevor was a cool guy. Silver Age Steve Trevor was a dick.

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Fantasio freaks out

Since nezchan has been posting great selections from some of the newer Spirou stories in French, I thought people might like to see one of the real classics in English translation.

Z is for Zorglub ("Z comme Zorglub", 1959-60, 61pp) is one of the most popular stories by André Franquin, a man who is to Spirou what Carl Barks is to Donald Duck, or Stan Lee to the Marvel universe.

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Theme suggestion, Instead of "one perfect moment" how about the other end of the spectrum. When was a character so miss-handled or written it made your eyes bleed and you screamed "NOoooo !"

Worst moment ever.

I give you Cap-wolf...

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I remember how back when the John Byrne forum first got an advanced look at this cover, there were a few comments along the lines of, "Eek, how old is that Green Lantern? It's kind of creepy seeing him kissing someone who's physically eleven." Byrne's response was basically, "Relax, it's just a cover. It doesn't happen in the story itself."


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