Jul. 10th, 2009

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Two context free panels from "Detective Comics" #524, by Conway, Newton and Giordano.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
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Newsarama has previews for the conclusion of Amazing Spiderman: American Son.

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After the big build up, it's here.
Previews from IGN.
One image after the cut. I will shut up and let the work speak for itself.

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Well, it's finally been confirmed in-text (as opposed to just an interview with Jeff Parker) that the new Exiles' Blink is the same one from the old Exiles.

Two scans of proof under the cut. )

Now, I didn't follow Claremont's bastardization of Exiles...was there anything in there that would account for why Blink's been hiding her past from her new team-mates?

P.S. Anyone recognize all the robots in the crowd scene on the first page? I see Awesome Andy, but I have no clue who the others are.
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Joey Q answers if Roddy will have some role in Dark Reign. As to make this legal I'm posting a classic Hobgoblin moment from Hobgoblin Lives.

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It's 1953 and you're an eleven year old girl, dreaming about all the fantastic adventures life has to offer. What, you want a little help here? Okay, when you think of the fifties and gender roles, what do you imagine? I'd think of home-making, to be honest.

I might be wrong!

The School Friend Annual, issued from Farringdon Street, London, is what you've been given to read. Maybe by a kindly aunt.

Comics for girls! All about boyfriends and cancer. Except for when they're awesome!

Oh, and this is from an eight-page story, it's exactly a third.
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I've been lurking for ages, but I can't pass up the chance to give love for my favorite Hobgoblin. Most people seem to like Rod best, but I grew up on a stack of old eighties Spider-Man comics, so the only Hobgoblin I ever knew for years was Jason Macendale. He was always my favorite villains, simply because he seemed to be full of so much more personality than the other Spidey villains, and his goals were so refreshingly mundane: power, power, power.

That, and he pulled stunts like this all the time.

Nine scans from a 31-page issue behind the cut )


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