Aug. 13th, 2009

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This isn't the most recent of news, but Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed as Hal for the upcoming GL movie.  Now, while I was exploring internet rabbit trails from the Pat Lee post, which lead me to Matt Moylan's comment about the guy, which led me back to Lil'Formers, which I haven't read in a while.  I decided to get caught up, and I found this image he came up with.  Enjoy!

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IGN has the cover for Blackest Night #5... as well as an interview with Geoff Johns.

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Many new series involve a superhero going bad. IRREDEEMABLE, THE MIGHTY, ABSOLUTION. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SAVIOR 28 is a mini-series where a superhero goes good. Too good. So good that his friends and fellow heroes are convinced he has to be an evil duplicate.

What's a little enhanced interrogation among friends. )
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Over on Livejournal I've been doing a Top Five meme thing (thanks for the suggestions, peeps!) and [ profile] uncanny_rman requested my Top Five Most Badass Cyclops Moments which I figured I could share here.

In actual fact, I had great difficultly trimming it down to five and there's a few (Cyclops shooting a giant squid in the face, about a dozen times he flattened Logan) that didn't make the cut. But hopefully something for everyone here.

Counting down from 5...

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This was brought up numerous times in the previous Amazing Spider-Man thread, so I decided to post it once and for all. In my opinion, it's one of the better Chameleon stories out there. Not surprisingly, Marvel has all but forgotten it.

On a related note, this was the first Spidey story written by Paul Jenkins. He would later become the writer for Peter Parker Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man.

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Since the adorable interaction between Grundy and Bizarro, as seen in this post is what got me to pull Solomon Grundy in the first place, now that Bizarro was in the book again last week, I figure I'd share!

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In this issue Psycho Pirate took control of a city's emotions. He also manipulated the emotions of the League. A lot of funny and some really wrong stuff happens.

If your a DCAU Batman/Wonder Woman fan then you'll love this.

Also it's official in JL (not JLU) Batman is pushing 50. That means the 40 years later of Batman beyond Bruce has to be 90. He would be 70 or so when he retires at the begining of "Rebirth part 1".

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The Teen Titans cartoon version of Slade Wilson is pretty awesome. So naturally he's popular with the fancomics.


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