Aug. 18th, 2009

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... Carol Danvers lays the smack down on the Avengers for their handling of the events of Avengers #200, so very recently posted here.

Posting 6 pages of a 38-page annual, not my scans and nothing done to them but resizing, by very popular demand.

Remember, Carol at this point has reconstructed her life history, but it's ghostly to her, no real emotions attached. Can you imagine how this'd've played if she were fully herself?
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In the previous entries, about works like Violator Vs. Badrock and Spawn: Blood Feud, a lot of people were saying, "Well yeah, it's bad, but look at the quality of character he was saddled with!" In this mini-series though, he doesn't have that excuse. There was a previous character named Deathblow, Michael Cray; he died in Wildstorm's "Fire Fom Heaven" event (also written by Moore and also quite awful).

Here, in this three-part mini-series, Moore was tasked with creating a brand new Deathblow from scratch. The sky was the limit... so how the heck did we end up with this?

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J.Jonah Jameson has always been one of my favorite characters in comics, mostly because I was always surprised by how much depth that one guy actually had.This story is from Tangled web 20 and is one of my favorite from that series. Also what this about Aunt May marrying JJ's dad?
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Inspired by a recent back-and-forth I had with fellow Johnny Go aka “thehefner” on LJ, I've decided to take a trip down memory lane and embarrass myself in the process. For the first time and quite possibly for the last, I'm posting some of the comic book samples I created in hopes of becoming a professional cartoonist well over a decade ago. Just thinking about the process makes me cringe but in retrospect, these crude examples yield amusing results.

This is uncommon fare for s_d, but I thought it’d be amusing at the very least. Chalk it up to decade old fan art. Tons of scans of the source material behind the cut.

Batman, Preacher & Daredevil… butchered! )
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Welcome to the Legion of Super-Heroes. This is the real stuff, not that watered-down second/thirdhand tripe they feed you kids these days.

You're not going to understand it. Right now, it's enough to just look at it. We'll figure it out as we go along.

Pretend you're twelve years old.

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illustrating this lesson today is the Decepticon Ramjet, in IDW continuity.

.... Yes, Ramjet. Like I said, different continuity.  )
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While recapping the woeful events of AVENGERS #200 and AVENGERS ANNUAL #10, I brought up Ms. Marvel saying she hated Wanda Maximoff in AVENGERS FINALE. And here we are, with words by Brian Michael Bendis and art by Steve Epting. First off, Tony Stark gives a rather half-arsed explanation as to why he can't fund the Avengers anymore and why he's leaving the Mansion a burned-out pit.

Money and hatred. )
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This is an oldie that keeps coming to mind when I see Batman discussed. Ray Palmer, the Atom, wants to marry his girlfriend, Jean, but he's concerned about whether the revelation would cause her another breakdown (she's had two already). He asks his friends for advice.

Continuity: They've just defeated 5 old gods who melded together. Earth 1 and 2 are separate. Black Canary is from Earth 2, having migrated when her civilian husband was killed. Red Tornado has taken in a child. Hal Jordan has been dating Carol forever. Barry Allen tried to keep his identity secret, but Iris found out anyway. The Phantom Stranger is making his exit (for once, without someone saying, "OMG WHERE DID HE GO?").

2 pages from Justice League version 1, issue 156
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In light of Atlee showing up in recent issues of Power Girl and the reposting of their shopping trip, I thought some introduction to the two might be appreciated. These scans from issue 1 and 2 of the Terra mini by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. It's not even close to 1/3 from either so don't panic mods!

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Waaay back in 2006, when the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon first aired, an s_d 1.0 member thought that Bouncing Boy would be the Legionnaire who'd be subtext-y for Supes.

Then the episode "Legacy" happened. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

'Training purposes,' dammit! ) ETA: Goddammit Photobucket just reduced their bandwidth limit from 25 GB to 10 GB. Yet they still sent me an email saying I'd exceeded the "25 GB" limit...


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