Aug. 28th, 2009

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And to continue with the Martial Arts week with another Batman post to exemplify my obsession. Now this post proved to quite challenging, as I felt the brawl in this story automatically belonged to this week, kind of, but the story had so many great moments and scenes to choose from while trying not to cross the posting limits. In the end I decided to stick with the fight scene in the beginning and the ending scene, which actually refers to said fight. What is this story I'm writing about? A masterpiece called Batman/Planetary: Night on Earth by Warren Ellis/John Cassaday.

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This story arc has it's moments. Great ones and foul ones.

The preview image behind the cut is a good example of being both.

IGN has the preview.

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If we're going to have a Martial Arts Week, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just gotta be represented. So I present the Leonardo One Shot (originally published by Mirage) IN GLORIOUS COLOR!!

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For as much fail as it churns out, Big Hollywood occasionally offers some genuine gems.

I can't stand Objectivism, but I find Steve Ditko's treatment of it irresistibly compelling, perhaps because the comic book medium is a far more appropriate venue for such a Manichean philosophy than the thousand-page rape-justifying tomes that Ayn Rand routinely shat out (it certainly helps that none of Ditko's characters ever barfed up a 70-page screed like John Galt, not to mention the fact that Ditko actually managed to create characters who were more believable as human beings than any of Rand's strawmen or Mary Sues, even when his characters were radioactivity-powered superheroes).

The following four pages constitute "In Principle: The Unchecked Premise," a short story originally published in the 160-page graphic novel Steve Ditko's Static in 1988:

As crudely simplistic as it is, it's still better than either reading or watching the "fireplace scene" between Howard Roark and Dominique Francon in The Fountainhead, but then again, so is getting punched in the crotch until you hemorrhage internally and die.
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So based on my previous post about the Taskmaster, and weather or not it's smart to know when to cut and run/ discretion is the bet part or valor ...

I bring you 4 pages form Avengers : Initiative.

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Newsarama have a preview for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 up here.

But I wanted to post the cover, which is rather... mesmerising.

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Cap was revived from comic book limbo in THE AVENGERS# 4, March 1964. Two issues later, the story opened with a surprising scene where he is making his shield fly around and change direction. It seems Iron Man decided to beef up the shield by putting "sub-miniature transistors" in it that Cap could operate through magnets attached to his glove. (Stan Lee had an interesting idea of what transistors were, that is he thought they were magic.) I'd guess that it was Jack Kirby who dreamed this up, he absolutely loved adding gadgets that were never seen again; the man's imagination was always in high gear.


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