Sep. 13th, 2009

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My contribution to horror week. Nice juicy scans of five of the illustrations Berni Wrightson did for FRANKENSTEIN.
Along with "the Black Cat," this is the apex of his career, for me.
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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as imagined by Junji Ito, of Gyo and Uzumaki fame. Renowned for being one of Japan's most unsettling horror manga artists, his take is suprisingly straightforward but solidly decent.

Here, for horror week, is the birth of Frankenstein's monster.

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I got another e-mail from Fred Van Lente, that he's asked me to post.

First off, while I believe he had the best of intentions, the poster "DrSevarius" wrote me under his real name and asked me a question I thought I was answering in private, to him. He posted my response without my permission and without telling me beforehand it was supposed to be for public consumption.

If he had told me that, I would have, first off, made it clear that I am not a Marvel employee. I am not a Marvel spokesperson. I am a freelancer. I speak only for myself. That is just as true for the following statement as the previous one.

Also, if he had told me that, I may have been less coy about the following "Spoiler Alert". Anyone who cares not to have stuff that's in ASM #605 revealed now should avert their eyes.

Amazing Spider-Man #605, which went to the printer weeks ago, makes it clear that Michelle and Chameleon did nothing more than make out in the kitchen scene in #603.

There was no sex, and therefore no rape.

And I'll simply point out that in the scene in ASM #604 when Peter comes home he has no idea why, exactly, Michelle is treating him differently, only that she is. He learns why-- at least partly -- and he responds, in #605.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

Fred Van Lente
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Small foreword before starting the post itself. I originally intended to this post back in the Martial Arts week a few weeks back, but then I was snared by the simple awesomeness of Batman: Arkham Asylum, after which I had to return to work with my vacation having ended. So this post kind of simmered away, but I still kind of wanted to do it due to several discussions I have had and read on the subject, so here it is finally happening. With that said, to the first part of the topic itself.

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So there's a costume ball at Barry's police dept. Everyone is dressed in super heroes/super villain costumes. Some from different Earth's

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Rebus Time

Sep. 13th, 2009 09:28 pm
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First, trying something ill-advised against the Hulk.

Thirty seconds, GO!


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