Nov. 11th, 2009

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I've made a comic book wave on Google Wave. I don't have any invites to Wave itself to hand out just yet, but I did make this Wave publicly available so if you have it and want to drop by and hang out, come on by. The Wave's at...!w%252B4T4udwIsL.1

For legality, a (rather large) page from Days Missing #1 after the cut.

Btw, you should really be reading this book )
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This whole limited series (and I wish they will make more) is one of the reasons why Scans_daily is so great. I never would've gotten this on my own or discovered it if not for the posts and love from the board, and I would not have recommended it to other comic book fans who now have picked it up themselves.

The adventures continue in #3.
Dark Horse has the preview.

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Looking over some of the great Jack Cole's work on Plastic Man in the 1940s, something occurred to me.We see Plas eating and drinking occasionally. So when he pulls a stunt like this:

Well, wouldn't the natural digestive gases found in the intestines be forced out through their logical exit? And wouldn't this be much like squeezing a whoopee cushion, with similar attention-drawing noises? ("Did youse mugs hear that? It means Plastic Man's here!" "No, boss-- that wuz me, I had chili for lunch.")


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