Nov. 20th, 2009

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This is a rather desperate plea to the kind folks of Scans Daily. Back in the ancient past of 2008 I made a bid at starting a superhero webcomic. After a few months of desperately searching I finally found myself an artist in the form of Kevin “Druminor” Forbes who is awesome. Unfortunately a lot of stuff came up in his life and he was forced to abandon the project (also at about this time I discovered Runaways and found out how similar my concept was to an existing series). During this time we managed to make 19 comics including a few cast pages and some filler which is pretty embarrassing.

I am now stuck back at square one, sitting upon a pile of scripts and concept notes with no artist or any effective means of finding one. So I figured I might as well toss another stone in the water at this comm. looking for a new artist to help me finish this comic the full current run of which is available at drunk duck and I have a sampling of some of what was produced below.

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This is a repost from the original s_d. It was written when Bush was president, and things have changed. Moreover, it had remarkably interesting comment threads, so I've changed my mind a lot based on new evidence and analysis. So it's edited, and we can go from here. Call this version 2.0.

I read all the old GI Joe comics. All of them. Thank you internet! One hundred and fifty-five issues, plus 26 of Special Missions, 13 of European Missions, 4 of GI Joe and Transformers, and a bunch of other stuff here and there. They were great.

I consider myself a liberal activist. You can dispute my effectiveness, whatever, the point is that's the way I see the world. I try to work on liberal causes and help make them happen, I go to protests and stuff, I work tables and sit in trees and so on and so forth.

I love GI Joe comics. I always have, ever since I was a kid and they were new and I owned half the toys.

I oppose military adventurism in all the forms that I can. I think America should get out of Iraq tomorrow. I protested the bombing of Iraq when Clinton did it! I think Bush should be tried for war crimes.

But I do love G I Joe comics.

Because they're that damn good.

In this post I discuss issue #1. Note to new readers: GI Joe comics have NOTHING to do with the cartoon. There are characters in common but the structure, goal, and tone are entirely different.

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Greetings True Believers. I was reading through another post about DA #11 and someone wanted to see the Bullseye scene. Here it is! Spoilers and enjoy!

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Idris Elba has been as Heimdall, the guardian of the Bifrost bridge. One page from Thor #3 under the cut for legality.

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God l love that epic stuff. CBR has the preview of #10, and we see that the Ares mini has truly become canon, and we shall see how it affects the Secret Warriors. Two preview images behind the cut.

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I come bearing scans and asking for a favor! I'm rebuilding the Ormes Society website and I'm trying to compile a list of all the black women who have worked in comics. If you are aware of any, could you please direct them to this post? Thanks!

Now for the scans...which have nothing to do with black women! Three pages from Dawn: Three Tiers. I love Linsner's work. Hmm, maybe we could use these scans to kick off a Romantic Angst Week?

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earth-555 is one of many universes in the multiverse, home to a retake on Jim Shooter's New Universe.

However, this one's not quite the universe outside your door.

(by the by, these are taken from one six-issue mini, one ongoing six-issuer, and two one-shots.. with about 7 pages at most from any one issue, and they all cap out around 21.

National, political, and technological statuses, for example? Very different.  )
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Previews for next week's Marvel titles are up; in addition to DC's Wonder Woman, this week sees Incredible Hercules, Thor: Defining Moments Giant-Size, and Dark Avengers: Ares all come out. Links and one scan from Thor under the cut (with some spoilers, of course).

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Nyan Koi !

Nov. 20th, 2009 05:22 pm
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The main thing I've always appreciated about scans_daily, in all its forms, is the boundless sense of discovery. That's true of the larger comics blogosphere, but you never know *what* crazy stuff somebody will post here; if it weren't for s_d 1.0, on LiveJournal, I wouldn't be hunting back issue bins for copies of KNIGHTS OF BROADWAY.

If I made any contribution worth remembering to the original scans_daily, I think the below post, originally made January 12, 2007, was it. Enough to resurrect it! Because scans_daily must honor... Rex, the Wonder Dog.

Your eyes do not deceive you. The dog has a lasso.

Impressed? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

THE ADVENTURES OF REX THE WONDER DOG ran for 46 more or less bimonthly issues between 1952 and 1959. The issues typically consisted of two Rex stories, a single back-up story that rotated briefly before being quickly filled by the adventures of Detective Chimp, and a couple of prose pages about dogs.

The premise was simple: Rex, a decorated military K9, was given to young Danny Dennis by his father, an Army Major, and before long their lives were full of increasingly crazy adventure. In the first issue, Rex's wonder feats were limited to stuff like jumping out of windows or over walls, identifying bad guys -- the usual.

That didn't last. I blame the dinosaur.

In issue # 11, Rex faced off against a Tyrannosaurus. It was a watershed moment for the series. After that, all bets were off. By the time the book ended, Rex was traveling to alien worlds to act as an interplanetary spy and serving as a mount for a tiny human in another dimension's steeplechase. And those weren't the weirdest moments in the series.

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Six pages from Doktor Sleepless 5. According to Ellis, the series is meant to be a sort of spiritual successor to Transmetropolitan.

One long monologue under the cut )
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Thor, clearly coded as female according to comics tradition by his long hair and plate-mail bra, is... erm... "wrestling" with Sif*... yes, Thor is a lesbian!

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