Dec. 6th, 2009

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Just reposting this. It was on my Livejournal; I'd linked to it on IJ s_d, but the images were all too big there. I'll have half of The Last Command up momentarily.

"I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."
Here's the other half of Dark Force Rising. First part was here. You can probably tell that this time I have the book in hand.
Will you hear me? Or will you choose death? )

I just love this book.
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This is a repost from the v.1 days, with the album art from KT Tunstall's Drastic Fantastic )

I keep all of these on my iPod, because it's good to have a collection of nice art in your pocket. Does anybody else keep comic art on their iPod?
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(Repost, removed the offending link. My apologies.)

The fifth story from the VOICES IN THE DARK anthology, and what can I say?

The cheapest, most disgusting, and best of all the stories in the volume so far.

Yui and her brother live on the second story of their father's poorly ventilated barbequeue restaurant. And if you've ever seen untranslated bits and bobs of Ito's work floating around, you might recognise this story as being where THAT image came from.

10 scans under the cut )
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When Carmine Infantino was put in charge of revitalising the look of the sales-depressed Batman titles in 1964, he essentially redesigned the Bat-verse; the oval around the bat-symbol being the most obvious change on Batman, but from this communities POV the biggest change was that Dick Grayson was FINALLY allowed to age a little, from the perennially, pointy-banged 13 year old, to a young man of 15 or 16... And that necessitated a new look for him...

Recently, when browsing e-bay I came across a page of Carmine Infantino original art (alas, way outside my price range) and on the back was a positive plethora of Gryaon-iana, a host of doodles that Mr Infantino had done, obviously to help himself get a handle on what young Mr Grayson would look like.

The extremely emotive eyebrows are much in evidence (Very much an Infantino trademark), the still somewhat pixie-ish face that Dick has, and a variety of possible hairstyles too. Note that the one with the left hand parting (third from the right at the top) would become his default hairstyle when he went off to college.

Fun isn't it? :)

But(t) there's more! :) )
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...and indeed, anyone with the spirit of Christmas in their soul, regardless of creed, or absence of same.

It occurs to me that we lost last years Christmas images by The Black Cat in the fall of S_D 1.0, and that's just not right... As such I'd like to suggest that I post these, one every few days, in the run up to Christmas.... For those of us who remember them, and those of us not given the chance to enjoy them yet,

Knowing her popularity here, an "exclusive" (even a temporary, specialised one) is not a request I make lightly, but rest assured that there IS an ulterior motive for my actions which will ultimately become obvious....

And so we begin... )
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So, [personal profile] sailorlibra requested some Sasha Bordeaux a while back, and I've finally gotten off of my lazy ass to do something about it. The way I see it, I've got about four posts worth of material from Rucka's first run on Detective Comics without derailing any future posts I have planned, which will have the added benefit of serving as a springboard for a future series of posts from Checkmate, as requested by [personal profile] ghosty732.

But enough of that, to the comics! And as I figure, there's no better place to begin then, well, the beginning. So, we're looking at seven pages from 'Tec #751, and a little bit from #752 )

Next time, Jim Gordon's retirement party! Featuring Sasha getting suspicious, my favorite Two-Face seen ever, and me pulling my hair out trying to cut it all down to page limits!

also, i think this is my first full post since the move
(Animal Man wasn't full, and Scans De Yada doesn't count since there weren't enough comics; By the way, if you're planning to contribute, I'm still waiting on a number of submissions!)
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Had two definitions under Dark Horse Comics; one was a set of advanced battle robots, found and bonded to by various people, that were the key to battling a mysterious Enemy.

The other was one of Golden City (seceding city flush with superhumans, essentially)'s heroes, a fellow trapped inside an advanced powersuit.

They're obviously very different.

But they both had some pretty decent fight scenes.  )
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This storyline was released before the episode 'Deep Freeze', if you're wondering about the continuity of the storyline.
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