Dec. 15th, 2009

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In another break with my tradition, I'm going to be posting something far from my usual subject matter... schoolgirls, and naughty, naughty schoolgirls at that!

But not just ANY schoolgirls, these are the schoolgirls who make the SAS squirm in terror, the legendary, the feared, the awe inspiring, the bowel knotting....

St Trinians! )
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Greetings True Believers! This S_D 1.0 classic needed a re-post. Superman/Batman Annual #1. The issue that launched a thousand slashfics. The story that covered the founding of DC's greatest friendship (Or depending on your point of view, it's greatest romance).

This story has everything. Action, humor, the multiverse, screwing with Lois and a certain Merc with a Mouth?


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Take A Chance is the first comic book venture from Urban Fantasy writer C.E. Murphy. (I'd highly recommend her "Negotiator" trilogy to any fans of Disney's Gargoyles. It was born, in part, of a love of the series, though there's more to it than that.)

It was published this year as a 5-issue miniseries. The trade was due out in November, but got pushed back. Then the publisher, Dabel Brothers, got swallowed up by another company, so the future of the series is unclear. Shame, since it's pretty cool.

7 1/3 pages out of the first issue )

This isn't the best issue of the series, but as an intro, it's not bad. It's a strong, independent female hero. With what I like to think of as the "Batman factor" - non-powered vigilante kicking copious amounts of butt in a world full of powered individuals. And, although it shows up more in later issues, the series takes a deliberate stance against many common superhero tropes (as gets pointed out in the narration boxes from time to time), adding at least a shade more realism. But still with that sense of superhero butt-kicking fun. And some interesting plot twists along the way.

I've got all five issues. I can post more if there's interest.
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Set the wayback machine to 1984. Vertigo wasn't even a twinkle in DC's eye, but Marvel had a line of creator-owned, "indy" type comics called Epic. One of the series Epic put out, "Sisterhood of Steel," was about an island of warrior women (no men allowed) and the adventures of young Boronwë, a novice member of the Sisterhood's military.

An alternate universe fantasy series written by a woman about separatist kick-ass warrior women that did not feature chainmail bikinis, gratuitous nudity, or cheesecake was naturally doomed to a short life, and the series ended after only eight issues. But what wonderful issues they were.

The first issue was very hard to condense into 9 pages (28 pages of story per issue). In the end, I decided to go with the political intrigue instead of the history of the origins of the sisterhood, the roommate plot, or Boronwë's final exams. I'll try to summarize what's missing.

political intrigue instead of cheesecake - the 80's were a very different time )

Christy Marx has a website page devoted to Sisterhood of Steel; she has (I assume signed) copies of all issues available for sale, as well as posters and prints.
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I do so love these haunting images on the preview for Amazing Spiderman #615.
IGN has the preview. And we know that current Dext- I mean Peter Parker will find some way to screw this up.

The continuing adventures of the Spiderman who made a deal with the devil  )
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So I've come to believe that the DCAU Batman comics--all four series--are collectively the finest Batman comics of the past twenty years. I might even go so far as to extend that to all superhero comics in general.

No, they're hardly revolutionary storylines, nothing that exactly seems boldly new and innovative. But their excellence lies in something far more subtle. The DCAU, at its best, understands that the heart of superheroes is rooted firmly in character, not in contrived gimmicks and twists, nor grandly conceptual plot lines. When these stories get it right, the characters seem both human and iconic. And they do it not by trying to reinvent the wheel or make some shocking revelation, but in much smaller, more powerful ways.

Case in point:

'Choices,' from BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES #44 )

TL;DR The DCAU Batman comics are awesome and deserve more attention/love. I'd pay good money to own them in trade paperback, and would pimp them heartily to all fans of superhero comics.
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The Mighty Marvel Superhero's Cookbook!


Winter (or Summer, for you Australians and nearby) holidays are, I think everyone can agree, are a time for food. Delicious food.

And so, my gift to you is this: Food, and cooking, the Marvel way. Have you ever wondered what type of cake Hulk likes best? Thor's feelings about cabbage or what sort of finger food might be available in you were asked over to T'Challa's place? Do you pine to know the best way to cook a meatball if Captain America's in town? Or Tony's second favourite type of engineering?


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Mildly thrilling tales and comic covers under the cut. )
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Took this from Phantom Stranger 41, second volume, because I can't seem to find the first volume, and 41 was the end of the second volume, so hey!

Bonus Deadman, as well. The Phantom Stranger story is only 12 pages, so only 4 pages are posted.Read more... )
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Title: Bloom County: Happy Trails
Creator: Berkeley Breathed
Availability: Out of Print, but IDW's working on it.

Berkeley Breathed and a wee bit of commentary on the comic-book industry.

This would have been just after the Bloom County cast had learned that the strip was ending, and were all looking for new employment.

Let me...sharpen your pencil, Stan. )
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Yesterday, I showed you how Superman celebrated the yule time with his folks, but today's 12-Day X-Mas Challenge, we're going to see how Lex Luthor celebrates the Holidays? Well, here are a couple of scans from 52, when Lex had alot to celebrate. Superman was gone, he regain his public image, and he had a team of super-powered teens under his control. So lets see how jolly Mr. Luthor is during this year...
It's going to be a RED Christmas )


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