Jan. 10th, 2010

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I just got a kick out of this:

From NightViper of The Allspark.

I don't know if this warrants tags or not.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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Three Now make that four more pages from Great Ten #3...

This issue's feature character is Thundermind, champion of Beijing and the most powerful member of the Great Ten.

I am awake! )

Other pages from the issue, already posted by [personal profile] iskander, can be found here.

title: great ten, publisher: dc comics, group: great ten
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I was nosing around Amazon, trying to find a release date for Martin Millar's next book, and I came across this:

Lux and Alby: Sign On and Save the Universe


This appears to be an early Millar piece -- description suggests it's a crossover featuring characters from two or three of his early novels -- and Millar's early work, while funny, can get downright disorienting. If anyone's got scans, I'd like to sample it before deciding whether or not I should buy a copy.

The cover, for legality.

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From the title page of Coeurs d'Acier by Yves Chaland

Even after 70 years of adventures, Spirou remains a somewhat enigmatic figure.
Who is he? Where does he come from? Does he have any family, and if so, where are they?
I'll attempt to answer these questions, or at least give you the different answers various writers have offered.

In this post I present the creation of Spirou and his constant companions, Spip and Fantasio. I also show samples of what the series was like in the very early days.

The birth of Spirou )
Early misadventures )
Spip and Fantasio )

In the next entries (EDIT: I originally said there'd be one more entry, but I think I'll split it in two) I will post excerpts of the various revisionist origin stories that have been told over the years, including the popular Li'l Spirou and the recent Journal d'un Ingenu.


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