Jan. 28th, 2010

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Dan Slott promised that the next issue of Amazing Spider-Man would have the shock of the year. Does it? Let's see...

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Concept art for the Green Lantern flick leaked today, and Cosmic Book News already verified their authenticity. And hot damn, it's shaping up to be pretty well. I'll stick all the relevant information after the cut, but I don't think any of it is really spoiler-ish unless you were waiting until the flick to see these characters.

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Greetings True Believers! Here are a few amusing pages from Kick-Ass #8.

Don't piss-off Hit-Girl or she'll open up her Hello-Kitty bag. Spoilers and enjoy!

Suggested Tags: char: kick-ass, char: hit-girl, title: kick-ass, publisher: icon, creator: mark millar, creator: john romita jr., nsfw: gore

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So far the momentum and surprises have kept the pace pretty strong, even though the shocks have faded. But theDCU Blog has the covers for Green Lantern Corps #45 & Green Lantern #51 to keep things interesting.

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For those who question the validity of Helena Wayne's costume.


Barbra Gordon/Batgirl/oracle, Dick Grayson/robin/Noghtwing/Batman,John Smith/Red Tornado, Ralph Dibney/Elongated man
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Four pages from Jack of Fables 42, Part 2 of "Kings of Earth and Sky."

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creator: bill willingham, creator: matthew sturges, title: fables, publisher: vertigo
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I'm hereby kicking off requests for scans with the theme "Even bad men love their pets" (:

To start, I bring you classic Cobra villain, Croc Master, in his latest incarnation.

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And because Aeolos_Sakya expressed interest in seeing this, I bring you three scans from the Sinestro Corps war journal, from the Sinestro Corps War Volume two trade paperback.

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Suggested tags: char: green lantern/warrior/guy gardner, char: green lantern/kyle rayner, char: green lantern/john stewart, char: green lantern/hal jordan, event: sinestro corps war, creator: ivan reis and creator: oclair albert
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When we last left our heroes, world domination had been averted, and the band found out heroing wasn't what it was cracked up to be, as someone else got the credit. However, there are still shadow creatures out there, and what could they be up to?

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tags: medium: webcomic, title: sequential art
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The preview for Siege #2 is up at CBR, and my how the words change what was implied. (I know, I am going over something I posted 2 weeks ago... but words help!)

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Title: Deadpool #0 (1998, Marvel Comics/Gareb Shamus Enterprises/Wizard Entertainment, 12 pages)
Creators: Joe Kelly (writer), Yancey Labat (pencils)
Availability: Out of Print, uncollected as far as I know

Found this at the bottom of a longbox I was clearing out and thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

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Suggested tags:

char: deadpool/wade wilson
title: deadpool

The Web #5

Jan. 28th, 2010 07:34 pm
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The Web gets a request for help from an unusual kind of client...

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creator: marc guggenheim, creator: talent caldwell, publisher: dc comics, title: the web


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