Feb. 25th, 2010

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This is from the Crime Syndicates first appearance "The Most dangerous Earth of all" from SD1.0 (it was never tagged)


Title :Justice League, Title: Justice League,Crisis on two Earths,Group:Crime Syndicate

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Well last time I promised we’d get a look at the Young Avengers/Runaways Civil War mini and so shall I deliver but first let us see how the Runaways had an effect on Tony’s formation of the act itself.

He’s just mad that Molly kicked his, Cap’s and Wolverine’s asses all at once before )

Tags: event: civil war, group: young avengers, group: runaways, char: molly hayes, char: chase stein, char: nico minoru, char: xavin, char: Karolina dean, char victor manchu, char: old lace, char: vision/jonas, char: patriot/eli bradley, char: stature/cassie lang, char: speed/tommy shepherd, char: wiccan/billy kaplan, char: hulkling/teddy altman, char: hawkeye/kate bishop, char: captain america/steve rogers, char: marvel boy/captain marvel/noh-varr, creator: zeb wells, creator: stefano caselli,
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For fellow sci-fi geeks (in London, Toronto or Sydney, sorry the New York and LA events are already fully booked) who are excited by the notion of TRON - Legacy later in the year, you might want to try for a ticket to an event this coming Saturday.

Details are here

I'm guessing it's for an IMAX trailer (possibly in 3D) or something similar.

The legality image is from the Tron 2.0 comic preview.

tags: title: tron, publisher: slg publishing, creator: landry walker, creator: eric jones, creator: louie de martinis

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Well, as you may or may not have heard, the first issue of a new Warren Ellis comic began this month.

Anyone want to place bets on whether it will come out in a timely manner or go the way of Desolation Jones/Morning Dragons/Fell/newuniversal/Black Horses/Doktor Sleepless/Jack Cross/The Operation?

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title: captain swing, creator: warren ellis, publisher: avatar press


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