Feb. 27th, 2010

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In honor of Black History Month, I thought I'd celebrate by showcasing a few of my favorite black superheroes (and supervillains) from comics and/or other fandoms with comic tie-ins.

And if you have any favorite black characters from comics or other fandom that you'd love to showcase, then by all means post lists and/or pics in the comments. I would love to see your selections.

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In Amazing Spider-Man #18, we see the various reactions the heroes and villains have to the news that Spider-Man apparently ran away from a fight with the Green Goblin (he actually had run away because he overheard that Aunt May had suffered another heart attack and was asking for him).

title: amazing spider-man, creator: stan lee, creator: steve ditko,char: wasp/janet van dyne,group: avengers

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char: wolverine/logan/james howlett,event: second coming,group: x-men,publisher: marvel comics,char: cyclops/scott summers,char: hope summers, char: magneto/erik magnus lehnsherr,char: cable/nathan summers,creator: mike carey, creator: stuart immonen
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Below are scans from possibly my favorite one-ish Gold Digger stories, GD59, focusing on Charlie the Harpy... and Charlie the Harpy, and Charlie the Harpy :)

The story of Professor C and Charles )
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By now you've probably noticed our shiny new banner. Today marks the One Year Anniversary of [community profile] scans_daily being TOS'd from Livejournal. But like a regular Jean Grey we rose from the ashes and one year later we're still bringing the crack! So you know what that means...

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How the Secret society of super-villains got it's start...


Char: Captain cold/Leonard Snart,Char: Mirror Master/Sam Scudder,Char:Sinestro,Char Copperhead/John Doe,Char: Star Sapphire/Deborah Darnell,Char:Gorilla Grood, group: Secret Society of Super-villains,Title: SSoSV,Publisher DC comics
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I bring you today five and a half pages of a 17-page story, found in DC Super-Stars #11 circa January 1977 - "DC Super-Stars of Magic!" Story by Len Wein, art by Gray Morrow.

daer no! )

So there you go - the Zataras, father/daughter relationship of the year, y/n?

Tag wranglers! char: john zatara (does not exist yet), char: zatanna zatara, creator: gray morrow, creator: len wein, publisher: dc comics
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While I've tried to cover some of the breadth of the UK comics industry circa 1983 in my previous posts, many US fans think of a handful of creators when they say "British comics." And I know a few of you have been anxiously awaiting a post that would include one of them. Handily, the first three stories in "Warrior" #10 were all written by Alan Moore.

Alan Moore, Alan Moore, riding through the glen )

Next time: Three more stories, not by Alan Moore.

Your thoughts, comments?

suggested tags:
character: Miracleman/Mickey Moran
creator: Alan Davis
creator: Alan Moore
creator: David Lloyd
creator: Garry Leach
medium: British comics
publisher: Quality Communications
title: Miracleman
title: V For Vendetta
title: Warpsmith
title: Warrior
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There's a preview for Girl Comics #1 up at Comics Alliance, and it is substantial -- they've got Colleen Coover's introductory pages, plus a full Nightcrawler story by G. Willow Wilson and Ming Doyle.

Colleen Coover beneath the cut; click link for Nightcrawler )

To echo one of the CA comments, that so needs to be a poster.


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