Mar. 2nd, 2010

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One shall rise, another shall fall, another shall lead and no, it's not the X-men. Newsarama has the teaser of a Siege aftermath special. Supposed to be someone significant.

Please let it be, please let it be, please let it be... )
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I went looking through the tags to see if any of the Prodigal Son arc was posted and couldn't find it at all.
Sad! I was hoping to read it and find out which issue numbers it is exactly.

Except for Steph, all of the Robins have been Batman in one incarnation or another.

Dick is the current Batman and he also stepped into the role after Bane broke Bruce's back.

Tim sees himself in the future as Batman in a Teen Titans issue.

Damian is the future Batman, if we're to believe the future presented by Grant Morrison in Batman #666.

And Jason was the Batman of Earth-15. Here's some of that story.

Jason!Bats of Earth-15  )
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The "Art Thread: WW's Love Life" CBR thread is being overrun with Supes/WW fanart. To the point where people are being really smug about it. I hate that ship with a a fiery passion, but even if I didn't, it would be nice to get some variety in there. I'd prefer no WW/Bats either. Let's get some alternative ships in there! I'd love some Diana/Io, Diana/Artemis, Diana/Lois and Diana/Rama. Basically, Diana/ANYONE but the big two!

No porn, I'm afraid.

So far, scouring through the WW fanart here, I've found three pieces (two Diana/Io and one Diana/Lois - technically Trinity/Lois but I didn't want to complicate things by explaining that) which I posted over there. So we need more! :P

Here's what I've already posted:

Anyway, please help!

For legality, a page from Batgirl #7Steph > Damian )
tags: char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/steph brown

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Most of you are old enough to remember LORT: RoTK movie when the Riders of Theoden amassed over the Pelennor Fields and beheld the might of the dark lands unleashed upon Minas Tirith. I remember the whole theater taking in one gigantic breathe at the same time and we felt the same way Merry Brandybuck felt at the sight. One member of the BPRD is about to have a similar moment.

Darkhorse has the preview of King of Fear #3, as story arcs years in the making begins to reach their climax.

Gonna need bigger bug spray. )
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Marvel reveals a new teaser that, shockingly, appears to have little to do with Spider-Man or Siege.

Instead it has to do with some of my favorite Marvel characters )

recommended tags: publisher: marvel comics, theme: dinosaurs
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I recently came across a delightful book edited by Art Spiegelman, "The Toon Treasury of Classic Childrens Comics". It includes a number of early comics including stories featuring Scrooge McDuck, Captain Marvel, Little Lulu and Sugar and Spike. Oh, and this
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What's black and white and-, ok I'll shut up and let the art speak for itself.

DCUBlog has the uncolored cover to #8.

Let there be LIGHT. )


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