Mar. 13th, 2010

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This delightful but ill-fated series goes out not with a bang... but with a contented sigh. (:

You didn't forget about that muffin, did you? )

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title: S.W.O.R.D.
char: hank mccoy/beast
char: abigail brand

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There's a threat in the Blackest Night that doesn't wear Nekron's colors; it's Starro and his many varieties of mind control starfish.

With nine galaxies' worth of thralls plus an elite vanguard of willing slaves, Starro the Conqueror now turns his gaze on our chunk of the universe.

So far he's been conquering us pretty good; the Gil'dishpan, the Dominators, Despero, Vril Dox's LEGION, nothing's stood for long against him.

Sure, Vril Dox's countermoves and the Lord of the Unliving's actions have stalled him temporarily..  )
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My friend and I were talking about the Wilson family and she said she hadn't seen Rose and Joey interact much. And I told her about the first time they met and she wanted to see it soo here we go.


char: deathstroke/slade wilson, char: jericho/joseph wilson, char: ravager/rose wilson, creator: geoff johns, title: teen titans
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Don't worry. Garth Ennis will fix that.

Here are seven pages from issue 3 of Ennis's post-apocalyptic survival saga, Crossed.

Safe for work. Still, be warned: Not for the faint of heart. )

creator: garth ennis, creator: jacen burrows, title: crossed, publisher: avatar press
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Meet Danny Wormwood. He's your friendly, neighborhood anti-Christ.

Read more... )

creator: garth ennis, creator: jacen burrows, title: chronicles of wormwood, publisher: avatar press
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BOOM!'s publishing a four-issue miniseries in June, based on a Disney property a good deal of us remember quite fondly...

Let's. Get. DANGEROUS. )

suggested tags: publisher: boom!
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As it's been mentioned about how the Falcon was in the Avengers once in order to fill a minority quota, I thought I'd post some images from AVENGERS (Vol 2) #27 where he's asked to fulfill that again. This is what led to Triathlon joining the team.

Suggested tags: char: iron man/tony stark, char: scarlet witch/wanda maximoff, char: wasp/janet van dyne, char: duane freeman, char: char: triathlon/3-d man/delroy garrett, creator: george perez, creator: kurt busiek, publisher: marvel comics, series: avengers

More after the cut )
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Greetings everyone

This is my first post here at Scans Daily v3 and as such I found myself struggling about what to post. As really big Batman fan, I knew it would be a story featuring Bruce Wayne as Batman, but there are so many great stories and scenes with him out there that it was difficult to choose. In the end I decided with a story that I personally love, because it does contain several elements reflecting why I love the character so much, yet at the same time I do realize that it might not be for everyone's taste. The story is was published as a one shot and was named Batman: Absolution.

No miracles, no mercy and above all, no redemption )

Suggested tags: Creator: J.M. DeMatteis, Creator: Brian Ashmore, charater: Batman/Bruce Wayne

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I got a present in the mail today! I'm not particularly sure why, since my birthday's still months off, but that's not the important part. The important part is that I'm now the proud owner of the graphic novel version of Coraline, and the lovely P. Craig Russell art it contains. Unfortunately, I had to go hunting for online scans for sharing, since our scanner's gone to crap lately.

Picking a place to post was hard, because there are so many little bits about this that I love. Ultimately, though, the exploring game won out, since my favorite part of the graphic novel spoils something that wasn't in the movie version.

Doing three posts, for a grand total of 34 pages out of 186.


Next post tomorrow!

tags: creator:neil gaiman, creator: p. craig russell
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"The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange" #1 also came out this last week. It's an 48-pager in black and white, featuring stories of the good doctor back before his recent demotion.

Just two pages from the lead story, "The Cure", by Kieron Gillen and Frazer Irving.

Truth and/or Madness )

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character: Clea
character: Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange
creator: Frazer Irving
creator: Kieron Gillen
publisher: Marvel Comics


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