Mar. 19th, 2010

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To complement [personal profile] glprime's excellent Amalgam Comics entries, here's possibly the strangest book they put out, in terms of out-there combinations:

Generation Hex was an amalgamation of mutant teen team Generation X with Jonah Hex and various other DC Wild West characters.

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publisher: amalgam, creator: adam pollina, creator: peter milligan
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This post follows off of part 2 of our Legends from Darkwood series.

Hiring an adventurer behind the cut )

Scans from Legends from Darkwood #2, 7 full pages and two partials from a 32 page issue.

part 1
part 2
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Suggested tags: char: green lantern/hal jordan, char: flash/barry allen, char: green arrow/olliver queen, creator: mark waid, creator: tom peyer, creator: jm dematteis, creator: barry kitson, publisher: dc comics
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The Source has Brightest Day solicitations for June. (Warning: the Brightest Day cover looks like it is a spoiler for Blackest Night.)

One cover for Generation Lost I'm sure will get people talking under the cut )

Suggest Tags: creator: Tony Harris, creator: Keith Giffen, creator: Judd Winick, char: blue beetle/Jaime Reyes, char: blue beetle/Ted Kord, group: Justice League International
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1 page from Flash vol. 1, issue 332

Backstory: Hal Jordan was exiled from Earth a year ago by the Guardians as punishment for rebelliousness. He grudgingly served out the time and has finally come back. One of his first visits is to check on Barry Allen.

Barry had recovered enough from the murder of his wife Iris at the hands of the Reverse Flash to become affianced to Fiona Webb. When the Reverse Flash tries to kill her too, Barry manages to stop him, but kills him in the process. (Apparently. The actual events behind the scene are stupidly complicated.) The question is: shouldn't a guy as fast as the Flash have been able to take time enough to control the fight? And if so, didn't that mean he had to have murdered Reverse Flash on purpose?

So Flash was put on trial, and this is him and GL talking about it.Read more... )

Suggested tags: char: flash/barry allen, char: green lantern/hal jordan, publisher: dc comics
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Atrocious fashion week?  Well, I'd be remiss if I neglected this page from X-Wing: Rogue Squadron #28.

Assorted pages and panels of a Rebel pilot in ugly, ugly clothes. )

Suggested tags: title: star wars, char: wedge antilles, group: rogue squadron, series: atrocious fashion week

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Two opposite figures (younger and older versions of the Sphinx), battling each other in a place where time has no meaning and space has no contiguous sense...

... summoning heroes and villains from across time to serve as their pawns in this battle, pitting one against the other on different battlefields...

... and the winner gets the other's Ka Stone, and all the near-godhood that that entails.

(Okay, that also makes it like every Marvel " giant spaceman proxy fight " story ever, but a Keith David!Sphinx would be kinda neat if it ever happened, so it all evens out.)

Anyhow, the battles concluded last issue- the older's pawns, represented by everyone who ever beat him (Nova, Darkhawk, Mister Fantastic, Black Bolt, and Namorita) triumphed over the younger's (a bunch of guys whose powers come from " the ancient crystals ", ranging from Moonstone to Man-Wolf.)

But then, it turned out older!Sphinx's motives amounted to more than curing his time cancer...  )
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It's the soliciting time (no, not like that), so here are two Herc-related comics coming out in June of this year.

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char: hercules/marvel, char: amadeus cho, char: thor, creator: khoi pham, creator: ron lim, creator: bob layton, publisher: marvel comics
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Greetings True Believers! This panel from the Savage Sword of Conan #17 makes me laugh. Forget Dr. Drew or Ann Landers, if you need relationship advice or tips on dealing with wenches, you go to Conan of Cimmeria by Crom!

Suggested Tags:
char: conan the barbarian
title: the savage sword of conan
publisher: marvel comics
creator: roy thomas
creator: john buscema
creator: alfredo alcala

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Sorry for the delay. On this very special edition of Marvel/DC mash-up, we have the two greatest magicians of their respective houses, Drs. Strange and Fate (and a little Charles Xavier via secret ID thrown in for good measure). Join us for this (slightly) crossover-plot relevant issue of...

Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho )
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Two new covers for the upcoming relaunches of Avengers and New Avengers, revealing a few more potential team-members.

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Tags:char: supergirl/kara zor-el,creator: sterling gates,publisher: dc comics,title: supergirl,char: superboy/kon-el/conner kent

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