Mar. 22nd, 2010

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okay so apparently Marvel is bringing this character back... now with the controversy in the past, what do you think Marvel is going to do?

gay or not gay? )

they call him the best Dressed in the solicitation.... code for gay? or pulling our leg?
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The DCUBlog has the penultimate issue of Blackest Night storyline as Green Lantern #52 shows it's previews. 2 pages behind the cut as one big spread out.

It's raining men, hallelujah. )
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Recently, we’ve started to see an increase once more in the number of posts that break community posting rules and the amount of mod notes and warnings being given out over repeated non-compliance with these rules. This would seem to be the time to give our members another reminder of our posting rules, which seek to reduce the risk to the community and protect both our content and our members. The mod team asks that members new and old reread them:

An expanded version of these rules with further clarifications and some tips for novice posters can be found here. Definitions of the terms bolded
below are here.
- Every post must have at least one image from a comic book, manga, or webcomic.
- No more than 1/3rd the length of any single work - whether story or physical document - may be posted to this community. Exceptions to this rule: stories shorter than 2 pages; those works which are free, orphaned, public domain or web-published stories.
- No one user can post more than 4 pages from any recent comic. Once the comic is no longer defined as recent, more pages may be posted.
- LJ-cuts are required for any post which contains more than one image. In addition, any spoilers or nsfw content must be behind your lj-cut. You may have one preview image no larger than 400 x 300 pixels provided that it has no spoilers or nsfw content.
- In addition, NSFW posts need to posted with an 18+ age restriction filter and clearly labeled as such.
- Do not screen or delete comments unless directed by a moderator, or to edit/correct errors. Note: troll comments that reveal personal information should not be deleted; instead screen them and contact a moderator.
- Until the tag trolling issue is resolved, please continue to include a list of suggested tags you wish us to add to your entry.

Members whose posts contain minor violations of the rules above (legality, one or two extra pages, etc) will be given six hours to correct the issue. Posts with major violations such as NSFW/spoilery/outsized images outside an ljcut or too many recent scans are subject to immediate deletion without warning.

We’d like to draw attention to these particular rulings:

1. Official previews. Linking to official previews and posting additional scans is perfectly fine. However, designing your post so that it is a continuation of a linked preview - in effect, providing an unbroken series of pages, sometimes of over half of an issue - is not cool. It is not in the spirit of the rules, and it brings negative attention to the community. Members who have repeated instances of formatting their posts in such a manner will be subject to modly discipline.
2. Short stories. These are subject to the same rules as full length manga and comics. You may only post 1/3 of a story.

Members who attempt to evade the rules through misleading page counts, partial pages or panels over and above the 1/3 mark, or linking to offsite scans of complete issues, will be subject to modly discipline. Additionally, members who continually post within the law, but not within the spirit of the rules, will be subject to modly scrutiny.

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Greetings True Believers! Conan of Cimmeria is well-known for settling arguments with his sword or axe but did you also know his words are as powerful as his thews? Watch as Conan makes an entire village go "Oh, Snap!" and puts a prideful wench in her place!

Plus as an added treat, a great piece of Conan art by Neal Adams!

Suggested Tags: char: conan the barbarian, title: the savage sword of conan, publisher: marvel, creator: neal adams, creator: roy thomas, creator: jim starlin, creator: al milgrom

Read more... )
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Tonight, on Amalgam Comics...*

The convoluted history of DC's scarlet speedster the Flash mixes with the convoluted origin of Marvel's spirit of vengeance Ghost Rider to give us:

I feel the need... the need for speed! ...And punishing the wicked... )

*(I've been watching Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel too much... or not enough)
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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Chris "Human Torch" Evans has accepted the role of Captain America.

For legality, a page of classic Lee/Kirby Cap.
found this in a 1975 issue of Marvel Double Feature, reprinting from Tales of Suspense #86 )

Tag suggestions: char: captain america/steve rogers, creator: jack kirby, creator: stan lee
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Greetings, true believers! It's Monday night, been working my butt off, but I thought I should get some light fun in. I know I first saw this when I joined our merry band on version 1.0 so long ago, and with the upcoming Made in Mexico work, I thought I would chip in, too. (And I hope I don't steal any thunder, amigo).

An oldie but goodie, and something... of a different flavor.

p.s. Not my scans.
Bite hard. Ride hard. Context is for the weak. )
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In the absence of Ex Machina 50, I am most excited in June by S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 )

The interior artist has some previews up at his LJ. They are lush and I am metaphorically gagging for this. The cover to #1 is just beautiful.

creator: Jonathan Hickman, Creator: Gerard Parel,
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jelly_ace asked for a reprise of Package Week. I had been thinking about that ever since we saw those peen-tastic Cry For Justice pages the other week, and offered to repost my original Package Week entry, since I've still got it all in my photobucket - and it turns out, the text in my inbox full of old replies. :D

Direct from November 2008, my Package Week entry! )


char: brainiac 5/querl dox; char: colossal boy/gim allon (new tag), char: cosmic boy/rokk krinn, char: element lad/alchemist/jan arrah, char: lightning lad/livewire/garth ranzz, char: saturn girl/imra ardeen, creator: ernie colon, creator: george perez, creator: keith giffen, creator: jim sherman, creator: larry mahlstedt, group: legion of super-heroes, publisher: dc comics, series: package week (lost to the TOS), title: cosmic boy (no tag yet for his miniseries), title: crisis on infinite earths, title: legion of super-heroes, title: superboy and the legion of superh (or some better version of this, which only has 1 entry)
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As requested, the magic hand moment from Booster Gold #14.

Who knew Batman believed in magic )

recommended tags - tag: batman/bruce wayne, tag: booster gold/michael jon carter, tag: char: mr. freeze/victor fries, title: booster gold, publisher: dc comics


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