Mar. 31st, 2010

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From the man who brought you Pirates Vs Ninjas, Pirates Vs Ninjas II, and Sherlock Ninja comes the latest attempt to beat a pop-culture corpse into a fine paste...


In Perry's words:

"I'm a little mean to the characters in this story but they make some pretty bad mistakes on their own. I feel sorry for them, but...It's a post-apocalyptic tale where the main character is a zombie.

My approach to zombies is a little like a world filled with incredibly hungry cats(zombies) who have territories, play with their food and are about as bright as a house tabby. Eat and sleep are their major motivations.

But the world is also filled with smart field mice(people) who are armed to the teeth with little mousy machine-guns, grenade launchers and mouse-sized monster trucks. Cat's don't *always* chase mice around. Sometimes Cats are just being cats. But a village of mice surrounded by swarms of hungry cats has huge problems.

In this world I focus on a lone hungry kitten who has to look out for his little self. Awww, how cute. But not to the *mice* is this thing cute! Especially when it's claws are tangled in mice entrails!"

Ick warning for corpse-munchies under the cut.

Four preview pages of the most adorable widdle undead abomination evah! )

Out today. Despite being sick to death of zombies, I find this weirdly appealing. Fred Perry does have a decent track record with making me wibble over things that good sense says should be lit on fire, so I'll probably be picking this up if my shop has a copy.
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Four scans from Blackest Night #8.

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creator: geoff johns, creator: ivan reis, event: blackest night, publisher: dc comics
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Four scans from Fantastic Four #577 and from from She-Hulk Sensational (the Brian Reed part, to be very clear).

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creator: jonathan hickman, creator: brian reed, creator: dale eaglesham, creator: iban coello, title: fantastic four, char: invisible woman/susan storm, char: mr. fantastic/reed richards, char: ms. marvel/carol danvers, char: veranke, char: she-hulk/jennifer walters
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...If it wasn't already clear that Teen Titans has been over the years reduced to a title of poor quality writing and melodramaic teenage crap this sole page clinches it.

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Four pages from X-Men: Second Coming #1.

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group: x-men, creator: chris yost, creator: craig kyle, creator: david finch, event: second coming, publisher: marvel comics
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Images under the cut. )
title: x-force, creator: chris yost, publisher: marvel comics,creator: craig kyle, creator: clayton crain,


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