Apr. 1st, 2010

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Cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] noscans_daily.

Greetings, True Believers!

After months of negotiation, we're pleased to announce that [community profile] scans_daily and its sister community [livejournal.com profile] noscans_daily have been taken under the umbrella of Marvel Publishing, Inc (a.k.a. Marvel Comics). We feel this is a move which will ensure that the community continues to grow, thrive, and provide our members with the best possible official source for previews from the House of Ideas!

Obviously, along with new corporate involvement comes changes, and on Monday, April 5th at 12:00 AM EST (6:00 AM GMT) we'll be rolling out a revised community ethos to reflect our new, dynamic partnership with Marvel Comics.

As part of this, from Monday, new posts to the community will be moderated for approval, to be sure that each post properly reflects our new ethos, promotes discussion of the wonderful world of Marvel and ensures that the community is a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone who comes here!

Over the coming weeks you'll also be able to enjoy a number of special theme weeks on the new Marvel Comics Presents Scans_Daily, including Peter Parker Loves... Week, for you to share your favorite moments from the love life of ladies' man Spidey, The Girls of Marvel Week, to share the best moments of Marvel's sexy, soapy, super-HER-oes, and Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool, Deadpool Week ('nuff said).

We know that you're all going to be as enthusiastic over these changes to Marvel Comics Presents Scans_Daily as we are. We can't wait to unveil the new ethos and watch the start of our community's brand new day.


- The mod team

EDIT: As many of you already guessed, this is only an April Fool's joke. Hope you had fun!
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Images behind the cut. )
title: batman, creator: mike w. barr, creator: trevor von eeden,char: ra's al ghul, char: talia al ghul,char: batman/bruce wayne,char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson
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It seems that Hollywood is not the only place to run out of ideas. Weekly Shining On Dump will be bringing the new adventures of Henry Cabot Henhouse, III. After a painful bidding war for the rights with Nickel-and-Dime-ond television, we will see a new re-imagining of an old classic hero in the manga/hentai style.

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it... )
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Winick spoke with both CBR and Newsarama about the upcoming JToddz mini.

Of particular note is this bit:

Newsarama: Judd, when we talked during your Batman story arc last August, you said you'd be back on Batman after Tony Daniel's six issues. That apparently isn't happening, since Tony announced to Newsarama that he's the new regular writer. Was Red Hood the story you were going to tell when you returned to the title, and you guys just decided to make it a mini-series?

Judd Winick: No. Well, it was one story of a couple, I suppose. I could have made this into a story within the pages of Batman, although I think it works much better standing alone. But what happened was that I got busy working on the Red Hood movie, then I started working on the bi-weekly Generation Lost, and now Power Girl is gearing up. So it was the sort of thing where I kept pushing back when I would come back to Batman. And in truth, it's all about timing.

Nrama: But you left something open-ended...

Winick: Yeah, there's a story still floating out there, after that cliffhanger, that Dick Grayson found something that Bruce was hiding from him, and that story still sits out there. And given a few more months to get these projects up and going, we might come back to that. But it's not happening now.

So I guess that answers that question...

Robins dressed up with no place to go under the cut! )


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Because I actually love these two and kind of don't like what they are doing with them. So here is some Roy and Donna stuff from The Titans. About 14-ish pages all together from 4 issues.

Drama, Flirting, Some Lian, and Dating )

Suggested Tags: char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: lian harper, char: green lantern/kyle rayner, creator: devin grayson, creator: mark buckingham
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Adventure Comics #9, out this week, ran with three stories- the first was James Robinson's elaboration on the Legion's part in the Last Stand of New Krypton.

It starts, as some things do, at the end.  )

creator: james robinson, creator: sterling gates, title: adventure comics
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My week has been absolute crap and today was set to be even worse (I teach fourth grade...they love April Fools) when I opened my inbox to see my commission from the Black Cat! After my last commission was posted here before I saw it I made extra sure I could share my glee directly with you myself. Because I have so little joy in my life (see above re: fourth graders)

Here goes!The bestest thing I have ever owned after the cut... )

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I just had to post this scene from Wolverine: Origins #46, because...well, there's a possibility that we may be running short of Logurt soon. :(
Kurt & Logan under the cut )

suggested tags: title: wolverine origins, creator: daniel way, creator: scot eaton, character: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, character: wolverine/logan/james howlett


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