Apr. 8th, 2010

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In Febuary, I made a post about my favorite video game (and practically obscure to everyone except those of the MM: BN fanbase): Sean Obihiro. I would have made more posts but my scanner broke and I had to wait till my parents got a new one to replace it... only it turns out to be a bulky kind of scanner, not a slim travel size one that I had. But enough about, that, let talk about Sean.

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title: Megaman NtWwarrior

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The Third part of my attempted weekly strip on the Resurrectees of Blackest Night.

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title: casstoons
medium: webcomics
medium: parody
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One of the more controversial X-Characters. Sadly, Stacy-X (originally planned to be named X-Stacy, but there was a printing error) was an prostitute turned X-Man. Sadly, this might have been a bit before her time. That, or she wasn't a Mark Millar sanctioned hooker. A lot of people liked her, they even did character sketches of her for the X-Men films, but couldn't find a way to give her a proper part, so yeah. In the end she got shafted and killed in the latest iteration of New Warriors. So sad. =(

tags: char: Stacy-X/Ripcord/Miranda Leevald

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Potential Christmas gift for Cobra Commander: "All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten."

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char: cobra commander, creator: larry hama, publisher: marvel comics, title: g.i. joe
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The God of Mischief lives up to his name. IGN has the preview. So far it looks like a well written take on the character. Two separate pages from the preview behind the cut.

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A warm round of welcome for the latest addition to the Doom Patrol cast!

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title: doom patrol, publisher: dc comics


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