Apr. 14th, 2010

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1 panel from Power Man and Iron Fist 111. Read more... )

Tag suggestions: char: power man(luke cage), publisher: marvel, creator: jim owlsley, creator: greg larocque
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Four scans from Black Widow #1 by Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna - hey, if Deadpool can become an inexplicably big success because of a movie appearance that didn't remotely resemble the comics character and wasn't even that good, maybe Natasha can do at least half as well with a movie that actually looks to be good.

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The Recent Secret Six issue made me want some adorable Daddy!Catman and Mommy!Cheshire

Scans under the cut )

Tags: Title: Secret Six, Group: Secret Six, Char: Cheshire, Char: Catman, Creator: Gail Simone
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Title: Fox Bunny Funny (Top Shelf, 2007, 104 pages)
Creator: Andy Hartzell (story and art)
Availability: In Print

"The Rules are simple.

You're either a fox or a bunny.

Foxes oppress and devour,
bunnies suffer and die.

Everyone knows his place.

Everyone is satisfied."

Chapter 1 )


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