May. 5th, 2010

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Greetings True Believers! Here are four scans from Thor and the Warriors #2. It's the Power Pack, Thor and Beta Ray Bill! Joy-Core!!

Love the art.

Love the story.

I highly recommend this mini!!

Suggested tags: char: thor/thor odinson/donald blake, char: beta ray bill, group: power pack, creator: alex zalben, creator: gurihiru, publisher: marvel comics.

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Love the latest of Matt Moylans

LOLRavage and some Robin-y bits below the cut... )

tags - medium: webcomic, title: lilformers, creator: matt moylan, creator: al bigley, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: batman/bruce wayne, genre: commission
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Title: Unwritten #12 - Eliza Mae Hertford's Willowbank Tales (DC-Vertigo, 2010, 22 pages)
Creators: Mike Carey (writing), Peter Gross, Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon (art)
Availability: On sale now

So, are you guys tired of people talking about what a fantastic series Unwritten is yet? Because, really, it is.

And, somehow, even moreso when it takes a breather from the main story. So we start with a man rabbit man minor character who tried to steal Tommy Taylor's map in the past and wound up paying an unexpected price.

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A bit of warning on this issue: it ends up in a pretty dark place. Well worth reading, just maybe not alone at night, depending on how active your imagination is after the lights go out.
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Tags:title: secret six,publisher: dc comics,character: catman/thomas blake,creator: gail simone,creator: jim calafiore

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