May. 20th, 2010

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I just found out that Joe Kelly's DNAngels made a appearance in Supergirl's dream/nightmare that build up to COUNTDOWNNNNNN!!! .... Okay, with that out o system, I want  to see what you guys think of the characters, since they only appeared (with dialogue) in the Superboy book, back when Joe Kelly took over as the writer and things got weird. Well, enough talking about, let's start at look at Waller' Angels...

6 and a 1/2 pages from Superboy #88 and 3 scans from #90 )

tags: creator: Joe Kelly, creator: Pasqual Ferry, team: DNAngels, char: Superboy, vol Superboy,

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I knew I'd read this once before some time ago, I just couldn't recall where. Finally I found it again.

Ever wonder why Jason has such an issue with drug dealers selling to children and/or allowing children to sell drugs?

It's personal.

Two pages from Batman 646, one from Batman 408 and one from Batman 409.

Ickle Jason! under the cut... )
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So I reviewed a rejected script for Daredevil: The Big Damn Movie by Chris "Home Alone" Columbus. It's bad. How bad? Well, Matt Murdock spends a lot of time wearing this costume.

I was left pining for the innate feminism of Frank Miller.
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Title: Alpha Flight #101 - "Death and How To Live It" (Marvel, 1991, 22 pages)
Creators: Fabian Nicieza (writer) and Tom Morgan (art)
Availability: Out of Print

So the Avengers and Alpha Flight had recently teamed up to fend off an alien invasion of Canada (although not the property damage that tends to come along with these things), but despite driving off the menace, the fight's not over yet...

Receive the gift! )

For some reason, this got a lot funnier once I had a couple of Incredible Herc trades under my belt. ;)
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So on Cracked, Seanbaby put up a new blog entry on the five worst sidekicks in comics. (Warning: Do not click or you'll be found three hours later reading "Five insects with a truly ridiculous amount of legs"). And one of the panels I thought might be of interest to S_D.

No, not that one.

Behind the cut... RACISM. )

Tags: char: wonder woman/diana of themyscira, char: etta candy
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No, wait, that didn't come out right.

Click here, oh fans of Ryan Choi )

char: atom/ryan choi, char: lois lane, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/stephanie brown, creator: ian boothby
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Ex Machina #49 hit today. The penultimate of what I have been saying for ages is the best thing on the metaphorical newsstands.

This issue has many things going on, but the first thing that made me shout out loud was the return of a favourite character )


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