Jun. 4th, 2010

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Title: Bulletproof Coffin #1
Creators: David Hine (story) and Shaky Kane (story and art)
Availability: Out now!


So this book is the first of a six-issue collection of shorts by British comic long-timers Hine and Kane. It is fantastic and more than a little mad.

Given that I can't get to my scanner for a bit, I'm going to have to lean on comiXology's preview pages and the solit for this post to give you some idea of what you're in for if you pick this up (which you totally should):

"Relive the Golden Age of comics! The Legendary Kane and Hine return to their greatest creations! SEE! Coffin Fly Vs. Zombie Nam Vets! The Shield of Justice walks the Dead Beat! The Unforgiving Eye sees all, forgives nothing! Red Wraith: He's red! He's dead! Ramona: Buxom, Beautiful and Bound! Big 2 Publishing, eat your heart out!"

And here's our framing story...

Don't tell me you've never wanted to stumble onto this kind of stash )

The story within the story -- The Unforgiving Eye #198 -- was fun, but if I had a complaint overall it would be that our narrator isn't that well-developed or likable. Still, this is only the first issue, and seeing what the other Golden Nugget stories are like will be more than enough reason for me to pick up the second one.

Suggested tags: creator: david hine, creator: shaky kane, title: bulletproof coffin
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A follow-up to this post from yesterday! Hooray! Wherein I jump to volume 2, to introduce the last girl of the cast.

She's cute, she's blonde, she's.... )

2 chapters from v2, 1 from v5, 5 from 16, 5 from 16, 3 from 9.

Next time...prepare to actually feel sorry for Miu.

tags: medium: manga, title: Ichigo Mashimaro
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Greetings True Believers! Here are 3 and half scans from Thor and the Warriors Four #3.

The cute will destroy you! Power Pack! Tiny Thor! Widdle Odin! Baby Ray Bill!


Suggested Tags: char: thor odinson/donald blake, char: beta ray bill, char: loki, char: enchantress/amora, char: energizer/katie power, group: power pack, publisher: marvel comics, creator: alex zalben, creator: gurihiru.

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ComicBookResources has the preview for issue #2. And I swear the writers over there must read scans_daily. One image behind the cut.

Sneaking it in. )
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From SPIDER-MAN: THE ARACHNIS PROJECT #2. Some context after the cut.

suggested tags: char: spider-man/peter parker, creator: mike lachey, creator: andrew wildman, series: spider-man: the arachnis project,

This better not leave marks on my outfit! )
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Abnett and Lanning's Thanos Imperative #1, out this week, begins the cancerverse's attack made possible by the Magus's ignition of worlds.

An entire universe seeps through the ravaged fault...

...and with it comes the expected tentacled horrors. )

publisher: marvel comics, creator: dan abnett, creator: andy lanning
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char: superman/clark kent, publisher: dc comics
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Tags: group: legion of super-heroes,publisher: dc comics,title: adventure comics,char: superman/clark kent,char: brainiac 5/querl dox,creator: Paul Levitz,creator: Kevin Sharp

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An old friend and an old foe make way for the new generation. )

Suggested Tags:
char: batman/terry mcginnis
char: lex luthor
char: superman/clark kent
char: zod/dru-zod
creator: jose wilson magalhaes
creator: paul levitz
creator: renato guedes
publisher: dc comics
title: superman/batman
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Tags: char: riddler/edward nigma,publisher: DC Comics,creator: peter calloway,creator: clayton henry

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Two pages from Jonah Hex: No Way Back. )

Suggested Tags:
char: jonah hex
creator: jimmy palmiotti
creator: justin gray
creator: tony dezuniga
publisher: dc comics
title: jonah hex
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Yet another Ichigo Mashimaro post from me. Post one, post two.

Only one chapter today, and not the one I'd intended to post, because I've had problems cutting that one down. I'll be posting it Monday.

So, instead, we look at what happens when a cosmetics salesman tries to sell in the girls' neighbourhood....

It...doesn't go well. )

1 chapter from v4, 5.3 pages from 16.

tags: medium: manga, title: Ichigo Mashimaro


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