Jun. 10th, 2010

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Tags: creator: Bryan Q. Miller, creator: Lee Garbett, creator: Jonathan Glapion, char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/steph brown,char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon

Barbara vs Calculator )
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Hello scans_daily, I have a question about comics and you all know more about comics than anyone else I know.

My question is not a simple one, though.

How can I make this comic better?

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Greetings True Believers!

Here is another entry for Death Week. The death of Superman. A definite classic and one that is certainly up for debate. Brave move for a character or merely a cynical marketing ploy?

Suggested Tags: char: superman/clark kent, char: doomsday, char: lois lane, title: superman, publisher: dc comics, creator: dan jurgens, creator: brett breeding, series: death week

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Tags:char: catman/thomas blake,creator: gail simone,creator: jim calafiore,publisher: dc comics,title: secret six

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 An unexpected crossover of sorts in these four pages from Azrael #9. )

Suggested Tags: char: azrael/michael washington lane creator: fabian nicieza creator: john stanisci creator: ramon bachs publisher: dc comics
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Cross-posted to No Scans_Daily.

First of all, apologies to [personal profile] nevermore999 for posting this from her LJ without asking first.

However, I really thought it was important enough to post.

Bill Willingham came in the panel, and ohmygod this really stupid guy bought up Steph, saying her death was poignant and he didn't think they should have bought her back because it was so important Batman kicked her to the curb and Leslie Thompkins (yes, he apparently liked THAT too) and Mom got all uncomfortable next to me...to Willingham's credit, he shut the guy down, saying the death was never his plan and he actually argued for Steph to live. Sattler said he wasn't around for it, and that the fans are really into Steph, and that he thinks it's important they redeemed Leslie Thompkins. Then Willingham had to ruin everything and say, and I swear to God this is a direct quote "I wanted to gun down those girls who kept asking about the (Steph's) memorial case."

My jaw just dropped open. I knew from interviews and shit that Willingham was an asshole- and I'm sorry, he is, for mocking people at panels, and mocking men for daring to cry over a comic book death- but that is just a creepy as fuck thing to say. I raised my hand and I wanted to say "Willingham, you're an asshole" but instead I just told him a) I hated Stephanie's death and b) You shouldn't want to gun people down for being passionate about a character.

Backpedaling time! No, see, those silly girls were just distracting from important issues at panels by asking the same question over and over again, andandand they just don't understanf how the comics industry works and then, I swear to god, he word for word said the "being hated is almost as good" quote. He DID. He and Sattler telled me that when fans hate a story, it's almost as good as if they love it, because at least they care.

So let me just lift the Internet veil for a minute. I am/was a journalist and I used to be a crime/court reporter. In my four years working for three different Canadian newspapers, I reported on a lot of incidents of violence against women. One of those was a four-part series on the high rate of domestic violence in a small community, for which I was nominated for a National Newspaper Award. So trust me when I say I have seen what violence against women does and how important a topic like this is to me.
So yeah, this comment disturbs me on many levels. It is truly an indefensible comment and the fact that it was made in a public venue with little discourse is disturbing. Serious props to [personal profile] nevermore999 for standing up to Willingham and pointing out his incredibly horrific and misogynistic comment. Young impressionable boys buy these comics and that writers who write them actually think these things and then say them outloud in a public venue is shocking to say the very least.

Girl Wonder )
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Four scans from S.H.I.E.L.D. #2.

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char: leonardo da vinci, creator: jonathan hickman, creator: dustin weaver, title: shield, publisher: marvel comics
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Alright, my second and final Daytripper post (it's not a long series, so I don't want to post from too many issues). The first is over here. Be warned, it's NSFW, unlike this one.

We pick up 6 years after the last post...Got a good reason, for taking the easy way out, now... )

Tags: creator: Gabriel Ba, creator: Fabio Moon, title: Daytripper.
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Though Brotherhood is still airing, most of the FMA fandom knows that Fullmetal Alchemist, the manga that started it all, published its final chapter this month. In a series full of jaw-droppingly awesome badass, I'd like to instead give a small post to arguably the gentlest example of steel balls in the whole story. The badassery can be handled in other posts, of course.

Spoilers under the cut, of course. Pages from chapters 88, 106, and 108 (the shortest of them is over thirty pages, so I'm way under limit).

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suggested tags: creator: hiromu arakawa, medium: manga, title: fullmetal alchemist.
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Because how could we have one without her?

5 pages from Death: The High Cost of Living

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Entertainment Tonight had an exclusive behind the scenes look of the Thor movie tonight including the first look of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and Heimdall (Idris Elba) in costume. A video of it is under the cut along with two pages from Thor #136 for legality.

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My contribution to Death Week comes from Warren Ellis' Ultimate Nightmare #1, part of the Gah Lak Tus saga. Spoiler alert - everybody dies and there is suicide too.

It's a good story, though the Ultimate Secret Stuff drawn by Steve McNiven was better and the Ultimate Extinction had much cooler ideas and a not coincidental increase in the scenes with Reed Richards.

This is from the very beginning, when the remains of a probe that landed in Tunguska in 1904 starts broadcasting its signal again. And the signal is not much fun. )
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Scans under the cut... )

Also, if I wanted to post four pages from the actual issue when it comes out, would I have to delete this preview?

creator: chris bachalo,  creator: zeb wells, publisher: marvel comics, title: amazing spider-man

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Those of you who have been reading Doom Patrol know about the running subplot where Thayer Jost, the Doom Patrol's leader during the Arcudi run, has been forming a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil. We also know that he's not doing so entirely of his own will and that someone's possessing his body.

This issue (#11), the puppetmaster finally stands revealed.

See if you can guess who it is before the final page reveal...

Well, didn't see that coming )

title: doom patrol, publisher: dc comics, group: doom patrol
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One of Marvel's strangest legacy characters the name "FoolKiller" has been passed on to an assortment of murderous madman and vigilantes but it all started with a one-shot psycho relgious villain from Steve Gerber's delightfully weird Man-Thing run.

The making (and un-making) of a mad-man! )

creator: steve gerber, creator: val mayerik, publisher: marvel comics, title: man-thing, char: man-thing


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